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Hercules Fences: Robust Security and Modern Aesthetics


Product Description:

Hercules fences are not just barriers; they are modern fortifications that combine robust security features with sleek, contemporary aesthetics. These fences are the go-to choice for discerning homeowners and business proprietors alike, offering a versatile range of applications and undeniable benefits.

Hercules Fence Panels Specifications:

Hercules Fence Type A Specifications:

TypeHeightWidthRail SizePicketPost SizePost LengthFlange Option
Hercules - A9001800, 2000, 240032x32x1.016x16x0.850x50x1.21200120x120x4.0
Hercules - A9001800, 2000, 240032x32x1.216x16x1.060x60x1.51500150x150x5.0

Hercules Fence Type B Specifications:

TypeHeightWidthRail SizePicketPost SizePost LengthFlange Option
Hercules - B15002400, 2750, 300040x40x1.219x19x1.050x50x1.51900120x120x4.0
Hercules - B15002400, 2750, 300040x40x1.519x19x1.260x60x2.02300150x150x5.0
Hercules - B15002400, 2750, 300040x40x1.525x25x1.260x60x2.02400150x150x5.0

Hercules Fence Type C Specifications:

TypeHeightWidthRail SizePicketPost SizePost LengthFlange Option
Hercules - C18002400, 2750, 300045x45x2.025x25x1.560x60x2.02300120x120x5.0
Hercules - C18002400, 2750, 300045x45x2.525x25x2.080x80x3.02700150x150x6.0

Why Choose Hercules Fences?

Unmatched Strength: Built to withstand the tests of time and challenge, Hercules fences are crafted from high-tensile materials, designed for maximum durability. Whether you choose the resilience of powder-coated aluminum or the formidable strength of pre-galvanised powder-coated steel, you're investing in a long-lasting barrier against potential intruders.

Visual Appeal: Who says security can't be stylish? With a variety of designs, from the classic spear top to the understated flat top, Hercules fences add a touch of elegance to any space. Their clean lines and polished look are sure to boost your property's curb appeal.

Customization at Its Best: Every property is unique, and your fencing should reflect that. Hercules fences come in an array of heights, colors, and finishes, allowing you to tailor the look and function to your specific needs. Whether you're enclosing a quaint backyard or fortifying a commercial compound, there's a Hercules fence to suit your requirements.

Applications of Hercules Fences:

  1. Residential Properties: These fences secure your home stylishly. You get safety without losing out on looks.

  2. Commercial Areas: Protect your business with a fence that's both strong and elegant. It's a barrier that looks good and works hard.

  3. Industrial Sites: Keep out unwanted visitors with a fence that stands strong against intruders. It's tough and reliable.

  4. Schools and Parks: These fences keep children and community spaces safe. They offer both visibility and protection, a perfect blend for public areas.

  5. Government Facilities: For the highest security, these fences are unbeatable. They're built to withstand and endure.

Benefits of Installing Hercules Fences:

  • Enhanced Security: The main plus is peace of mind. Knowing your property is safe from trespassers is invaluable.

  • Low Maintenance: Once they're up, these fences hardly need any care. Their corrosion-resistant finish keeps them looking great with little effort.

  • Easy Installation: They're simple to put up. Whether you're a DIY fan or a pro, you'll find the process straightforward.

  • Adaptability: These fences fit any land, no matter its shape or terrain. They're versatile and can meet your specific needs.


In short, Hercules fences are top-notch for security. They're versatile, strong, and good-looking. If you want to protect your property and still keep it looking great, these fences are the way to go. They stand tall and proud, just like the hero they're named after.

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