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Hercules Fencing: Security Solution for Modern Applications


Product Description:

Hercules Fencing stands as a bulwark of security, offering unmatched protection and a commanding presence that blends seamlessly with the landscape. This fencing solution is not just a barrier but an enhancement to the overall aesthetics and value of any property it surrounds.


  • Robust Construction: Built from high-grade materials to ensure maximum strength and durability.

  • Aesthetic Versatility: Available in a variety of colors and styles to complement any architectural design.

  • Maintenance Ease: Designed for longevity with a powder-coated finish that resists the elements and requires minimal upkeep.

  • Customization: Tailored dimensions and styles, including the option for pedestrian, swing, and sliding gates to meet specific needs.

  • Security Enhancement: Features such as 45° mitred pickets and pressed spear tops deter unauthorized access effectively.

Hercules Fencing Applications:

  • Residential Estates: Enhances beauty while providing peace of mind to homeowners.

  • Commercial Properties: Secures premises without sacrificing curb appeal for businesses and retail spaces.

  • Educational Institutions: Offers a safe learning environment with visually pleasing boundaries for schools and colleges.

  • Industrial Sites: Delivers robust perimeter security for warehouses, factories, and utility plants.

  • Public Spaces: Protects parks, sports complexes, and other recreational areas with a touch of elegance.

Specifications for Hercules Security Fencing:

SpecificationHercules 19Hercules 25
MaterialAluminium or SteelAluminium or Steel
Rail Size40 x 40mm40 x 40mm
Picket Size19 x 19mm25 x 25mm
Picket Centres125mm125mm
Bars Protrude150mm Top & Bottom150mm Top & Bottom
Panel Sizes Available2450mm x 1200mm2450mm x 1200mm

2450mm x 1500mm2450mm x 1500mm

2450mm x 1800mm2450mm x 1800mm

2450mm x 2100mm2450mm x 2100mm
Picket Tops AvailableSquare PicketSquare Picket

45° Mitred Picket45° Mitred Picket

Pressed Spear TopPressed Spear Top
Additional OptionsCustom Panels, Pedestrian Gates, Swing Gates & Sliding GatesCustom Panels, Pedestrian Gates, Swing Gates & Sliding Gates

The packing of Hercules Fencing is meticulously designed to ensure that the products reach their destination in perfect condition. Here's a general outline of how Hercules Fencing is typically packed:

Fence Panels:

  • Workers wrap each panel in protective plastic film to shield against scratches.

  • They place the wrapped panels on wooden or metal pallets.

  • Teams wrap pallets with bubble wrap or a protective material to soften impacts during shipping.

  • They secure the stacked panels on the pallet with metal strapping to stop them from moving.

  • For longer shipments, they add cardboard or foam between each panel for more protection.

  • Often, they cover the pallets with a tarp or more plastic film to guard against weather.

Hercules Fencing Posts:

  • Staff wrap each post individually in a plastic bag to protect the powder-coated finish.

  • They then arrange these capped posts on pallets in a manner similar to the panels and secure them firmly.


  • Employees pack all small accessories, like bolts, nuts, and clips, in individual plastic bags.

  • They place these bags into carton boxes to stay organized and prevent loss during transit.


  • They use standard-sized pallets to make loading, unloading, and stacking in containers or trucks easier.

  • They may add corner protections to pallets and often stretch-wrap them for added security.

Hercules Fencing Container Loading:

  • Operators carefully load the pallets into the shipping container or truck with a forklift.

  • They arrange the load to use space efficiently and avoid any shifting that could cause damage.

  • Once everything is loaded, they seal the container or truck to ensure the shipment remains secure.


With over two decades in the industry, Hercules Fencing has carved out a legacy of excellence. Each fence panel is meticulously crafted, ensuring every installation stands as a testament to quality and craftsmanship. The brand has become synonymous with the kind of enduring strength and elegance that only Hercules Fencing can provide. It's not just a fence; it's an investment in the longevity, security, and beauty of your property.

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