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Hercules Security Fence:Solution for Commercial and Industrial


Product Description:

BMP leads the market in commercial and industrial security fencing. You can buy it off the shelf or have it custom-made. This includes fencing for schools, commercial and government buildings, or fences for home boundaries. The fences are made with 40 x 40mm rails and square pickets that go through the rails, are welded together, and then topped with a pressed spear for ultimate security. Hercules security fencing comes in either high tensile, long-lasting powder-coated aluminium or pre-galvanized powder-coated steel. We can also make fences according to architectural plans and custom designs. We're experts at handling big commercial projects, always delivering the complete project on time.


Our Tough Steel Hercules Panels, Gates, and Posts

We make our strong Steel Hercules panels, gates, and posts from pre-galvanized steel, aiming for top security. The panels have 40 x 40mm rails with 25mm square pickets going through them, welded together and topped with a pressed spear. The panels are 2400mm wide, but we can also make them in any size you need. We tailor-make gates to fit your specific opening.

Steel Hercules Security Fence


Our Steel Posts

We craft our Steel Posts from pre-galvanized steel and then powder coat them. This makes them super strong and resistant to rust. You can get our Steel Posts in a 65*65mm square shape, with options to put them in the ground, core-drill them, or attach them to a base plate.



Our Gate Hardware

We carry all the gate hardware you need for our aluminium tubular garden fencing. We use hinges and latches from D&D Technologies, including the famous MagnaLatch. You can lock the MagnaLatch with a key, and it's tested to last more than 10,000 cycles, making it the safest latch out there.


We pack all our Hercules panels, gates, posts, and fittings carefully to make sure they're safe and easy to handle. Even though powder-coated steel is tough, it can get scratched or dented when we move it to your site. At Waxworks, we're really good at packing our products to make sure your order gets to you safe and sound. We send fencing and parts all across Australia and know how to make sure everything arrives just right.

Easy to Install DIY Project

Installing our Steel Hercules Fencing is pretty straightforward. If you plan it out well, you can usually get your fence up in just a few hours. We give you a complete DIY Installation Guide that takes you through every step of measuring, setting up, and putting in your fence, along with helpful tips to make sure you do a great job. If you need extra help, just give us a call. You can even send us a simple drawing of your area, and we'll figure out all the materials you'll need for your garden fence.

Cost of Steel Hercules Fencing

We've put together some price guides to help you plan your budget. The final cost can change based on many things like how big the job is, how many gates you need, the size and layout of the panels, getting to the site, and if the ground is uneven or sloped. So, think of this as just a starting point for planning and comparing. Waxworks will always give you a detailed quote for everything you need to finish your project. We also offer special pricing for tradespeople and discounts for big projects.

We take the quality of our products very seriously make everything the right way, using good materials, and we don't cut corners. Our thorough testing lets us offer a 10-year structural warranty all over Australia. This warranty covers the strength and durability of your entire fence, gate, screen, or balustrade, promising that our products will stay up for a long time.

Hercules Steel Security Panel Sizes

HE10002400 x 1500mmPer Metre x 1500mm
HE11002400 x 1800mmPer Metre x 1800mm
HE12002400 x 2100mmPer Metre x 2100mm
HE23502100 x 2400mmPer Metre x 2400mm

Hercules Steel Security Gate Sizes

Steel Swing GatePer Metre x 1500mm
Steel Sliding GatePer Metre x 1500mm
Steel Swing GatePer Metre x 1800mm
Steel Sliding GatePer Metre x 1800mm
Steel Swing GatePer Metre x 2100mm
Steel Sliding GatePer Metre x 2100mm
Steel Swing GatePer Metre x 2400mm
Steel Sliding GatePer Metre x 2400mm

Hercules Security Steel Post & Accessories

AP651865 x 65 x 1800mm65 x 65 x Per Metre
AP652165 x 65 x 2100mm65 x 65 x Per Metre
AP652765 x 65 x 2700mm65 x 65 x Per Metre
AP653065 x 65 x 3000mm65 x 65 x Per Metre
AP651365 x 65 x 1300mm w/ Base Plate-
AP651665 x 65 x 1600mm w/ Base Plate-
AP651965 x 65 x 1900mm w/ Base Plate-
AP652265 x 65 x 2200mm w/ Base Plate-
AP652565 x 65 x 2500mm w/ Base Plate-
BM561065 x 65 Galvabond Cap-
BM536065 x 65 Profile Cap-

Hercules Security Steel 40 x 40 Fence Bracket

BM107040 x 40 Single Lug Bracket
BM108040 x 40 Double Lug Bracket
BM1090Side Fit Security Bracket

Installing Your Hercules Security Fence: A Simple Guide



Planning Your Fence

First, pick where you want your fence. Measure the area for panels and posts by drawing a basic map of your site.

Next, check the list of materials to see how many parts you need.

Then, give one of our stores a call to order your supplies. We often have everything ready in stock.

Setting Up Your Fence

Start by laying out a string line along where you plan to install the fence, keeping it just above the ground. This line shows where the bottom of your fence panels will be.

Measure and mark where you'll dig the holes for your posts, beginning with the ones for your gate.

Dig the holes along your string line. They should be 600mm deep and 250mm across.

Your posts will need to be set about 500mm deep into these holes.

Putting Up Posts and Panels

Make sure the distance between your posts is just right.

After setting the posts straight and level, fill around them with concrete up to 50mm above the ground, sloping the concrete away from each post.

If your posts have flanges at the bottom, secure them properly with the right fixings for concrete or wood.

Attach the fence panels to the posts with brackets and screws. You'll need four brackets for panels with two rails.

Make sure the bottom of the fence panels doesn't rise more than 100mm off the ground at any point. Ideally, keep it between 50-80mm from the ground.

Installing the Gate

Follow the guide to fix the hinge and latch parts from the Gate Kit to your gate.

For custom gates, double swing gates, and sliding gates, installation can vary. Please talk to our knowledgeable staff in any store for help.

Finish by fitting the post caps with a soft plastic hammer.

This simple guide will help you set up your Hercules Security Fence efficiently, ensuring you have a strong and secure perimeter.


In conclusion, setting up a Hercules Security Fence is a smart move for anyone looking to protect their space. These fences are strong, durable, and easy to install, making them perfect for homes, schools, and businesses. With a variety of panels, gates, and accessories to choose from, you can customize your fence to meet your specific needs. Plus, our team is always ready to help you with advice and support from start to finish. By choosing Hercules Security Fence, you're picking a reliable, high-quality barrier that will keep your area safe for years to come.





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