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Hercules Security Fencing: Impenetrable Fortification


Product Description:

Hercules Security Fencing represents the zenith of security solutions, combining robust construction with classic design to deliver a product that stands unchallenged in its category. Whether you're looking to safeguard a school, secure a commercial property, or simply mark the boundaries of your home, Hercules Fencing provides a formidable barrier that doesn't compromise on looks.

Hercules Security Fencing Benefits:

  • Unmatched Durability: With high tensile, powder-coated aluminum or galvanized steel options, our fencing is built to last.

  • Aesthetic Versatility: Available in satin black and other colors to suit any landscape or architectural style.

  • Ease of Installation: The DIY-friendly design ensures that assembly is straightforward, saving on labor costs.

  • Maintenance-Free: Once installed, our fencing requires minimal upkeep thanks to its anti-rust and anti-septic properties.

  • Customizable: We offer custom Hercules Security Fencing panels sizes and gate options to meet the unique needs of any project.


  • Educational Facilities: Provides a safe and secure environment for students while maintaining an inviting atmosphere.

  • Commercial Premises: Delivers high-security without deterring customers with a prison-like appearance.

  • Residential Areas: Marks property boundaries and secures homes without obscuring views or beauty.

  • Government Facilities: Meets the D.E.T.A. specification for fencing, ensuring compliance with stringent security standards.

Hercules Security Fencing Specifications:

FeatureHercules AluminiumHercules Steel
MaterialPowder Coated AluminiumGalvanised Powder Coated Steel
Panel Size2400 x 1800mm, 2400 x 2100mm2400 x 2100mm
Post Size65 x 65mm (various lengths)75 x 75mm, 100 x 100mm, 150 x 150mm x 3000mm
Rail Size40 x 40mm40 x 40mm
Picket Size19mm or 25mm19mm
Picket TopPressed Spear, 45° MitredPressed Spear
Colour OptionsSatin Black + Custom ColoursSatin Black
FittingsSingle Lug, Side Fit Security Lug, Gate KitsSide Fit Security Lug
Gate OptionsSwing, Sliding made to sizeSwing, Sliding made to size

Conclusion Hercules Security Fencing

Hercules Security Fencing stands as the ultimate choice for those who need a reliable, attractive security fencing solution. It is a product that perfectly encapsulates the strength associated with its namesake, Hercules, while providing the elegance required for modern properties. With a heritage of adorning prestigious events and locations such as the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and Shanghai EXPO, our fencing is a proven leader in the industry. Choose Hercules steel Fencing for a steadfast, beautiful, and lasting perimeter defense.

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