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Hercules Steel Fence: A Robust Solution for Your Property


Product Description:

The Hercules Steel Fence, known for its durability and security, stands as a protective barrier for various property types. This article delves into its applications, benefits, and the technical specifications that make it a top choice for fencing needs.

Applications of Hercules Steel Fence

  1. Residential Properties: Homeowners prefer Hercules Steel Fence for its blend of aesthetic appeal and security. It transforms home perimeters into safe havens.

  2. Commercial Spaces: Businesses leverage these fences for safeguarding their premises. The fence's robust build acts as a deterrent against intrusions.

  3. Industrial Areas: In industrial settings, Hercules Steel Fence is synonymous with reliability. It withstands harsh conditions, offering long-term security.

  4. Educational and Recreational Spaces: Schools and parks benefit from its safety features, ensuring a secure environment for children and community members.

  5. Government Facilities: Government properties opt for Hercules Steel Fence for its unmatched security and longevity.

Benefits of Hercules Steel Fence

  • Enhanced Security: Its primary function is to offer peace of mind through superior protection against trespassers.

  • Low Maintenance: The fence's corrosion-resistant finish ensures it remains in top condition with minimal upkeep.

  • Easy Installation: Its design allows for a hassle-free installation process, suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Versatility: Adaptable to various terrains and property layouts, the Hercules Steel Fence caters to a wide range of security needs.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: While being highly functional, it also enhances the visual appeal of the property it surrounds.

Technical Specifications

 Standard Dimensions:

  • Height Options: Commonly available in 1800mm, 2100mm, and 2400mm heights.

  • Width: Standard panels are typically 2400mm wide.

  • Post Sizes: Varying post sizes such as 60x60mm or 80x80mm, with wall thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm to 2.5mm.

 Material Specifications:

  • Steel Quality: Made from high-grade Q235 steel, known for its strength and durability.

  • Pickets: Options include 19x19mm or 25x25mm, with wall thicknesses of 1.0mm to 1.4mm.

  • Rails: Available in sizes like 40x40mm or 50x50mm, with wall thicknesses of 1.2mm to 1.6mm.

 Design and Aesthetic Features:

  • Design Variations: Can be configured in Loop, Rod, or Flat Top designs.

  • Finish: Coated with a stain black powder coating, typically 80 microns thick, for corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.

  • Picket Tops: Often designed with safety spearheads or decorative elements.

 Gap and Spacing:

  • Picket Spacing: Standard gap between pickets is around 110mm, ensuring both security and visibility.

 Posts and Fixtures:

  • Posts: Heavily reinforced for stability, available in different lengths and thicknesses.

  • Fittings: Includes brackets and caps, often powder-coated for durability and consistency in appearance.

Container Loading Capacities:

  • 20GP Container: For a size of 1.8L2.4H, it can hold about 130 sets. For 2.1L2.4H, around 122 sets can be loaded.

  • 40HQ Container: This larger container can accommodate about 342 sets for 1.8L2.4H and 326 sets for 2.1L2.4H.

Loading Process:

  • Preparation: Before loading, ensure all items are properly packed and secured. This includes checking the protective foam and ensuring all accessories are included.

  • Container Arrangement: Based on the order size and container capacity, plan the arrangement of the pallets inside the container. This step is crucial for maximizing space and ensuring safe transportation.

  • Loading: Carefully load the pallets into the container. This is usually done using forklifts. It's important to balance the weight evenly and secure the pallets to prevent movement during transit.

  • Documentation: Once loading is complete, document the contents and prepare the necessary shipping and customs paperwork. This might include a detailed packing list, invoices, and any required export documents.

 Delivery and Transit Time:

  • The products are generally shipped within 10 days after payment.

  • The actual transit time will depend on the shipping method and destination.


  • After shipping, tracking information should be provided to monitor the transit of the goods.

  • On arrival, it's crucial to inspect the shipment for any damage that might have occurred during transit.

Customer Consultation:

  • Personalized consultations to understand customer needs.

  • Expert advice on choosing the right Hercules Steel Fence products based on property type, size, and security requirements.

Custom Design and Manufacturing:

  • Tailoring fence designs to meet specific customer preferences or property requirements.

  • Offering various sizes, styles (such as Loop, Rod, or Flat Top), and colors to suit different aesthetics.

Quality Assurance:

  • Rigorous quality checks to ensure that all materials and products meet high standards.

  • Usage of top-grade Q235 steel and a durable powder coating for longevity.

 Easy and Clear Ordering Process:

  • Streamlined ordering system, whether online or via direct contact.

  • Transparent pricing and quotations.

Fast and Reliable Delivery:

  • Timely delivery of Hercules Steel Fence, typically shipped within 10 days after payment.

  • Efficient logistics and tracking systems to keep customers updated on their order status.

 Installation Support:

  • Providing detailed installation guides and manuals.

  • Offering assistance through customer service for any installation queries.

  • Partnering with local contractors or providing a list of recommended installers for customers who prefer professional installation.

After-Sales Service:

  • Offering a warranty, typically of 5 years, for the Hercules Steel Fence.

  • Prompt customer service for any post-purchase inquiries or issues.

  • Providing spare parts or repair services if needed.


The Hercules Steel Fence stands out as a symbol of strength and reliability. Its versatile applications, coupled with numerous benefits like enhanced security, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal, make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking to fortify their property. Embrace the power and durability of Hercules Steel Fence and ensure your property's safety and elegance.

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