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High Security 358 Mesh Fencing: Everything You Need To Know


Product Description:

High security 358 mesh fencing, often called "PRISON MESH," is a top choice for places that need strong security. It gets its name "358" from its measurements: 3 inches by 0.5 inches, with 8 gauge wire. This is about 76.2mm by 12.7mm by 4mm in size. This fencing is very tough and is made for places like jails or other areas that need a lot of security. It has a special coating made of heavy zinc or a colored powder along with a steel frame to make it last longer.

This fence is great because it's very hard to cut through or climb over. It also doesn't rust easily because of its water-resistant powder coating, which is good for places near the sea. A common type of this fencing uses ½ inch by 3 inches 8 gauge galvanized wire or ½ inch by 3 inches 10.5 gauge wire that has an extra strong PVC coating. The wires are 4 mm thick and have both a galvanized and powder coating for extra protection. People usually install this fence at a height of 2.0 meters to keep areas safe.

Specification high security 358 mesh fencing

Sheet Size W/H (mm)No. per packKg per sheetWeight Per Pack (kg)PackagingFinishStockHigh Security Mesh
2404 x 23842051.821061PalletZalcote/LifemaxYesSCEC ENDORSED for Government Use
2404 x 27002058.831201PalletZalcote/LifemaxYesSCEC ENDORSED for Government Use
2404 x 30001565.321014PalletZalcote/LifemaxYesSCEC ENDORSED for Government Use
2404 x 31001567.321044PalletZalcote/LifemaxYesSCEC ENDORSED for Government Use
2404 x 36001578.291209PalletZalcote/LifemaxYesSCEC ENDORSED for Government Use
2404 x 40001086.98914SlingsZalcote/LifemaxYesSCEC ENDORSED for Government Use
2404 x 4500897.74828SlingsZalcote/LifemaxYesSCEC ENDORSED for Government Use
2404 x 50008108.7914SlingsZalcote/LifemaxYesSCEC ENDORSED for Government Use
2404 x 25002054.351112PalletZalcote/LifemaxYesSCEC ENDORSED for Government Use

Sheet Aperture71mm x 9mm
Vertical Wires4mm Ø at 75mm Centres
Horizontal Wires4mm Ø at 13mm Centres
Aperture Tolerance± 0.5mm
Tensile Strength550-650MPa
CoatingZinc Alloy Minimum 260gms per m2
Open Area65%
Weld Shear Strength420MPa minimum tested EN 10223-4

Where People Use high security 358 mesh fencing:

  • Around prisons as a security fence

  • For walkways to keep them safe

  • Around factories to protect machines

  • At scientific places needing security

  • At psychiatric hospitals for safety

  • To secure sub-stations

  • For airport fencing

  • At shipping ports

  • It's also used for making secure gates and more

How high security 358 mesh fencing Packed:

  • They put a rubber mat under the pallet to stop it from damaging the fence panels.

  • They use four metal corners to make the pallet strong.

  • They place a metal plate under the bands that wrap around the pallet to lessen the pressure on the fence panels.

  • They put a wooden plate on top of the fence panels to protect them from getting squashed.

FAQ for high security 358 mesh fencing

How to Order?

1. Placing Your Order:

  • Once we agree on everything about your order, we'll send you a detailed invoice to sign.

  • You can pay a deposit through bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, or Credit Card.

  • Another option is to use Alibaba's Trade Assurance for a safe payment and added benefits.

  • After we receive your deposit, we'll start making your order. We'll also send you photos of the finished product. You pay the rest after you're happy with it, and then we'll ship it to you.

Quality Assurance

2. Is the quality guaranteed?

  • Yes, we guarantee the quality of our fencing for 15 years.


3. Can you deliver high security 358 mesh fencing directly to my home?

  • Absolutely, we can ship straight to your doorstep. Just give us your address, and we'll tell you how much the shipping will cost.


4. How do we send the goods?

  • We'll find the best shipping option for you, whether it's by sea, air, or express courier, to make sure your order gets to you smoothly.

Visiting Us

5. How can I visit your factory?

  • Tell us when you'll be flying in, and we'll pick you up from the airport and take you to our factory for a visit.


High security 358 mesh fencing is a robust and reliable solution designed for areas requiring maximum security and protection. Its tight mesh pattern makes it nearly impossible to climb or cut through, making it an ideal choice for sensitive areas such as correctional facilities, detention centers, power stations, and infrastructure sites. The fencing is also versatile, serving well in places like schools and public areas where safety is a priority without sacrificing visibility.

With options for customization in terms of size, coating, and additional security features, this fencing can be adapted to meet specific security needs and environmental conditions. The coating options, like zinc alloy, ensure long-term durability against corrosion, extending the lifespan of the fence under various weather conditions.

The process for ordering high security 358 mesh fencing is straightforward, with suppliers offering detailed invoices and secure payment options to accommodate international customers. The quality guarantee of up to 15 years offers peace of mind, ensuring that the investment in security is protected over time.





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