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Horse Corral Panels for Secure Livestock Management


Product Description:

Horse corral panels, also known as cattle, horse, or corral panels, are made from welded pipes that have been treated to resist rust and are used to create fences for animals like sheep, goats, and other livestock. Having a well-planned set of pens is crucial for handling cattle effectively. These pens should make it safe and easy to manage the animals, whether you're separating them, loading them onto trucks, or holding them for health treatments. When setting up your cattle pens, the most important things to think about are keeping both the farmer and the animals safe. Above all, the design of your corral panels should allow a person taking care of the cattle to quickly get to a safe spot if needed.


Horse Corral Panel Specifications

DescriptionLengthHeightNo. of RailsSize of Rail
Cattle Panel Round Pipe2100mm1800mm6 Rails42mm x 1.6mm
Cattle Panel Square Pipe2100mm1800mm6 Rails40mm x 40mm x 1.6mm
Cattle Panel Square Pipe - Horse Corral Panel2100mm1800mm6 Rails40mm x 40mm x 2.0mm
Cattle Panel Oval Rail2100mm1800mm6 Rails60mm x 30mm x 2.0mm
Cattle Panel Oval Rail - Horse Corral Panel2100mm1800mm5 Rails80mm x 40mm x 2.0mm
Cattle Panel Oval Rail2100mm1800mm5 Rails115mm x 42mm x 2.0mm

Regional Specifications for Horse Corral Panels

TypeTube SizePanel Size
America/Canada Horse Corral PanelRound tube 32mm, 42mm OD5ftx8ft, 5ftx10ft, 5ftx12ft, 5ftx16ft
Australia/New ZealandSquare tube 40x40mm, 50x50mm, Oval tube 60x30mm, 115x42mm1600x2100mm, 1800x2400mm


  • Strong and Stable: Horse panels are made from tough steel tubes welded all around. They're really strong and hard to break.

  • Lasts Long and Fights Rust: They are coated with materials that prevent rust and last a long time.

  • Easy to Put Together and Take Apart: You can connect horse panels with pin latches or chains. They stand on their own with special legs, so you don't need to dig holes.

  • Safe for Horses: The panels are smooth and have no sharp parts to keep horses safe.

  • Different Tube Shapes: You can choose from round, square, or oval tubes in various sizes.

How to Make Horse Panels

  • First, we get the pipes ready (round, oval, or square).

  • We place them on a machine to shape and weld them.

  • After welding, we smooth out any rough spots and paint them silver.

Uses of Horse Corral Panels

  • You can use them for places where you keep cattle, sheep, and horses to keep them safe.

  • They're also good for making fences for cattle, goats, deer, and pigs.

  • Horse panels are used in fields, pastures, and for protecting areas for nature projects.


Horse corral panels are super handy for anyone who has animals like horses, cattle, or sheep. They're tough and can last a long time because they don't rust easily. You can set them up or take them down quickly, which makes changing your animal spaces simple. They're designed to be safe for your animals, with no sharp edges to worry about. Plus, you can pick the shape and size of the tubes to match what you need. Whether you're keeping animals in yards, making fences for different livestock, or protecting natural areas, horse corral panels are a great choice. They help keep your animals secure and make managing your land a lot easier.





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