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M300 Mobile Fence: Your Trusted Site Perimeter Protector

Art.: C5107000
Height: 2000 mm
Width: 3500 mm
Mesh opening Height: 250 mm
Mesh opening Width: 100 mm
Package quantity: 74
Weight: 13.5 kg

Product Description:

The Heras Mobile Fence M300 offers a simple and effective fencing solution for various site applications. Designed as a budget-friendly option, this temporary fencing provides adequate security in low-risk locations. Its wider mesh size makes it more cost-effective and lightweight, while still maintaining functionality and ease of use. In this article, we will explore the specifications, advantages, and applications of the Heras  M300, showcasing its excellent readability.

Specifications Heras Mobile Fence M300

Height2000 mm
Width3500 mm
Mesh Opening Height250 mm
Mesh Opening Width100 mm
Package Quantity74
Weight13.5 kg
Wire Thickness3 x 2.5 mm
Tube Diameter25 x 42 mm

Key Advantages

  1. Budget-Friendly: The Heras Mobile Fence M300 is designed as an affordable solution for temporary fencing needs.

  2. Easy Handling: The lightweight design makes this fence easy to handle and transport.

  3. Safe Materials: The pre-galvanized material leaves no sharp zinc residues, ensuring the fence is safe for handling.

  4. Quick Installation: The M300 can be easily erected by one person, saving time and labor costs.


Versatile Applications Heras Mobile Fence M300

  1. Construction Sites: Use the M300 as a cost-effective solution for securing construction sites and protecting workers, equipment, and materials.

  2. Crowd Control: The fence is ideal for managing crowds at low-risk events, such as local fairs, community gatherings, or outdoor exhibitions.

  3. Residential Projects: Secure private properties during renovations or landscaping work with the lightweight and easy-to-install M300 fencing.

  4. Temporary Barriers: Use the M300 to create temporary barriers in areas where a more permanent solution is not required, such as parking lots or recreational areas.


In conclusion, the Heras Mobile Fence M300 is an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable, lightweight, and easy-to-install temporary fencing solution. With its cost-effective design, safe materials, and versatile applications, the M300 offers the perfect balance between affordability and security. Whether you need fencing for construction sites, events, or residential projects, the   M300 delivers an efficient and reliable solution for your needs.

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