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M400 Mobile Fence + C-Brackets: Versatile Temp Fence Solution


Product Description:

In the realm of temporary fencing solutions, the M400 Mobile Fence + C-Brackets stands out for its innovative design and versatility. Developed to meet the ever-evolving needs of construction sites, public events, and commercial applications, this fencing system combines practicality with safety and environmental consciousness. With its robust construction and easy installation process, the M400 Mobile Fence is a top choice for those seeking a reliable temporary barrier solution.

Applications and Benefits

  • Construction Sites: Secures perimeter, safeguarding both workers and the public.

  • Events: Manages crowds at various gatherings, from concerts to sports events.

  • Public Spaces: Provides temporary boundaries for parades, demonstrations, and festivals.

  • Commercial Premises: Ideal for delineating restricted areas temporarily in settings such as malls or outdoor sales events.

M400 Mobile Fence + C-Brackets Benefits:
  • Hand Safety: The pre-galvanized material ensures no sharp edges are present, reducing injury risk.

  • Environmental Sustainability: Employs eco-friendly production techniques, minimizing environmental impact.

  • Single-Person Installation: Its lightweight yet sturdy design allows for easy setup by an individual.

  • Enhanced Durability: Welded tubes at every corner significantly boost the fence's strength and longevity.

  • Regulatory Compliance: The CE certification attests to its quality and safety standards, making M400 Mobile Fence + C-Brackets is a reliable choice.

Specifications M400 Mobile Fence + C-Brackets

Dimension3500 x 2000 mm
Mesh Width100 x 250 mm
Wire Thickness4 x 3 mm
Tube Diameter30 x 42 mm
Package Quantity80

Features M400 Mobile Fence + C-Brackets

The Heras M400 temporary fence with corner reinforcement is a strong, pre-galvanized fence known for its great value. It features welded corner pieces for a stronger joint, significantly increasing its lifespan. This makes it a perfect fencing choice for your rental park. The pre-galvanized material is smooth, without sharp zinc leftovers, making the fence safe to handle and easy for one person to set up. We suggest using the Heras Fence Carrier for easy setup by one person.

  • It lasts a long time.

  • It has thicker horizontal tubes.

  • It's an affordable fencing option.

This stable, durable mobile fence goes up quickly. Since it's welded all around, you can also hang banners on it. You can even add a custom sign that shows on both sides of the fence line.

This mobile fence has a strong frame. Besides the basic model, you can choose extra options for this type of temporary fencing. For instance, you can add a vertical center tube to make the frame even sturdier and prevent the fence from twisting. A horizontal center tube helps when transporting the fences flat or when loading and unloading a truck by hand. We always suggest using a Heras fence coupler to link the fences. This temporary fencing also comes standard with a hook or hook and eye connection, making it quick and easy to install a fence line. If you need something specific, just talk to our staff; they're ready to assist.



The M400 Mobile Fence + C-Brackets embodies an optimal blend of functionality, safety, and environmental stewardship, making it an exceptional choice for temporary fencing needs. Its design caters to a wide range of applications, from securing construction sites to managing crowds at large events. The system's ease of installation, coupled with its robustness and compliance with safety standards, ensures it delivers on its promise of providing a secure, reliable barrier solution. Whether for one-time use or repeated applications, the M400 Mobile Fence stands as a testament to innovative fencing solutions designed to meet the demands of today's fast-paced, safety-conscious environments.





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