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Mesh Fence Panels: A Comprehensive Guide


Product Description:

Mesh fence panels are an integral part of any security or fencing system. Offering robust security, they come in a variety of materials, including low carbon steel wire and stainless steel wire, with diverse varieties like hot-dipped galvanized after welding, electro galvanized after welding, and PVC coated welded wire mesh.

Table of Specifications Mesh fence panels

Fence Height (cm)Panel WidthWire DiameterMesh Size (mm)Folds No.Post StylePost Size (mm)Post Length (cm)
103200 cm3.5 mm50x502Square post 140x60x1.5150
123225 cm4.0 mm50x1002Square post 140x60x1.8170
150250 cm4.5 mm50x1502/3Square post 140x60x2197
153200 cm5.0 mm50x2002/3Square post 260x60x1.5200
170225 cm6.0 mm60x1203Square post 260x60x1.8217
173250 cm8.0 mm75x1503Square post 260x60x2220
180200 cm3.5 mm50x503Square post 260x60x2.5227
193225 cm4.0 mm50x1003Peach post50x70240
200250 cm4.5 mm50x1503/4Peach post70x100250
203200 cm5.0 mm50x2003/4Holland post48x1.5250
240225 cm6.0 mm60x1204Holland post48x1.5290

Please note: Each row does not represent a specific product configuration, as a variety of combinations are possible using these specifications. This table simply lists the range of specifications available for each feature

Application and Benefits

Mesh fence panels are super versatile and widely used to prevent access in places like roads, highways, railways, gardens, airports, residential areas, seaports, farms, and military bases. They are also great for special uses like protecting roofs in coal mines, helping with tunnel and bridge construction, and reinforcing roadbed wires.

In the building world, these ordinary mesh panels play many roles. They work as the net behind a plaster (shuleshe board net), divide spaces (partition net), support walls, strengthen road bases, and help with soil spraying on slopes. You can even turn them into shelves or racks for heavy items.

When you add hot galvanizing to these mesh panels, they transform into perfect flower grids or protective nets, especially in places with lots of salt or near the sea.

Thanks to their eye-catching colors, these panels are also a hit at exhibitions and for showing off samples.

Here’s why mesh fence panels rock:

  • Strong Welding: These panels are welded tightly together, making them last long and stand strong.

  • Even Mesh: They have a consistent mesh look that’s neat and tidy.

  • Smooth Surface: The flat mesh is easy to install and keep up, making your life simpler.

  • Fights Rust: With special surface treatments, these panels resist rust and corrosion like champs.

  • Tough: Built from top-notch materials, they provide solid protection.

  • Flexible Use: You can use mesh fence panels for all sorts of projects, making them a smart and economical pick for many industries.

For a fencing solution that's strong, flexible, and reliable, mesh fence panels are the way to go. Their wide range of uses and benefits make them a standout choice for any security or fencing need.


Conclusion Mesh fence panels

To wrap it up, mesh fence panels are a fantastic choice for pretty much any fencing need. They're strong, look good, and last a long time. Plus, they're super versatile, so whether you're setting up a fence around a garden, a residential area, or even a military base, these panels have got you covered. They're easy to put up, fight off rust, and come in cool colors too. So, if you need a fence that does the job and does it well, mesh fence panels are definitely the way to go.





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