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Metal Chain Link Fence: Ultimate Choice for Security and Durability

Hole Shape: Square
Frame Finishing: PVC Coated
Surface Treatment: Galvanized
Weave Technique: Plain Weave
Material: Metal
Column Thickness: 0.8mm, 3.0mm or Customized
Column Diameter: 60mm, 75mm or Customized
Wire Diameter: 3-5mm or Customized
Mesh Specification: 25*25mm or Customized
Color: Green, Customized
OEM: Positived
Sample: Positived
Transport Package: Pallet
Specification: 1.8*3m or Customized
Trademark: BMP
Origin: Hebei, China
HS Code: 7308900000

Product Description:

Metal Chain Link Fence: The Go-To Solution for Secure Boundaries

When it comes to securing an area, metal chain link fences are a top choice. They are made from materials like low carbon steel wire, galvanized steel wire, and sometimes PVC coated or aluminum alloy wire. These fences are known for their strength and flexibility, making them perfect for various uses.

Metal Chain Link Fence avaialble Low carbon steel wire, Galvanized steel wire, PVC coated steel wire, Aluminum alloy wire and Stainless steel wire.
1. Black wire: just black wire, without any surface finish.
2. Electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanised
Two standard zinc coating for hot-dipped galvanized:
1) normal zinc coating(50-60g/m2)
2) heavy zinc coating(260g/m2)
Tips: Hot-dipped galvanized has better corrosion resistance than electro galvanized because the thickness of zinc coating is thicker.
Mesh size


Types and Specifications Metal Chain Link Fence

Metal chain link fences come in several types:

  1. Black Wire: This is just plain black wire, with no special surface finish.

  2. Electro and Hot-Dipped Galvanized: These have a zinc coating for extra protection. Hot-dipped galvanized fences have thicker zinc coating, offering better corrosion resistance.

MaterialsLow Carbon Steel Wire, Galvanized Steel Wire, PVC Coated Steel Wire, Aluminum Alloy Wire, Stainless Steel Wire
Wire TypesBlack Wire (no surface finish), Electro Galvanized, Hot-Dipped Galvanized
Zinc Coating (Hot-Dipped)Normal (50-60g/m2), Heavy (260g/m2)
Mesh Sizes1'' (25mm), 1.5'' (40mm), 2'' (50mm), 2.25'' (56mm), 3" (76mm), 5" (100mm), etc.
Wire Diameter0.8mm - 5.0mm
Width0.5m - 6.0m
Length8m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 18m, 20m
Specifications for PVC Coated and Hot DippedVaried based on mesh size, wire gauge, weight per m2, and roll dimensions (For detailed specifics, refer to the provided wire BWG, wire diameter (mm), and weight kg/m2 for each mesh size in the original text)
PackingPVC woven cloth on both ends, customizable upon request
CustomizationAvailable based on material, mesh size, wire diameter, width and length, required weight per roll, quantity

The fences come in various mesh sizes, from 1 inch (25mm) to 5 inches (100mm), and wire diameters ranging from 0.8mm to 5.0mm. You can get them in widths from 0.5m to 6.0m and lengths like 8m, 10m, 12m, up to 20m.



Mesh SizeTypeWire BWGWire Dia. (mm)Weight kg/m²Roll Dia 4'×50' (mm)PVC Coated Wire Dia. Before/after (mm)PVC Coated Weight kg/m²PVC Coated Roll Dia 4'×50' (mm)
1'' (25mm)Hot Dipped122.83.812201.6/3.23.7280



1.5'' (40mm)Hot Dipped103.43.72803.4/4.03.9290



2'' (50mm)Hot Dipped84.24.52803.4/4.03.2280



2.25'' (56mm)Hot Dipped84.23.92903.4/4.02.8280



2.4'' (62.5mm)Hot Dipped84.23.72903.4/4.02.6290



Versatility and Customization

Metal chain link fences stand out for their versatility. You can customize them in size, wire diameter, and weight per roll to meet different needs. This makes them perfect for both residential properties and commercial areas. You can tailor these fences to fit any space just right.


Applications and Benefits

  1. Security: They are ideal for securing properties, playgrounds, or industrial areas.

  2. Durability: Made with strong materials, these fences withstand harsh weather and wear and tear.

  3. Easy Installation: Setting up a metal chain link fence is straightforward, making it a practical choice.

  4. Cost-Effective: They offer a great balance of price and performance, making them a budget-friendly option.

  5. Flexibility: Suitable for various settings, from gardens to sports fields.

Packing and Delivery Metal Chain Link Fence

The fences are packed carefully, usually with PVC woven cloth at both ends. Special packing options are available on request, ensuring the fences reach you in perfect condition.

Conclusion: A Versatile and Reliable Fencing Option

Metal chain link fences are a reliable, versatile, and cost-effective solution for creating secure and durable boundaries. Whether it's for a home, a playground, or a commercial property, these fences offer the perfect blend of security, ease of use, and longevity.

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