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Metal Tubular Fence: The Ultimate in Security Fencing


Product Description:

Boss Metal stands out with its Heavy-Duty Metal Tubular Fence, a product designed to set new benchmarks in the industry. This metal tubular fence, known for its strength and impenetrability, is the ideal choice for those seeking a robust security solution.

Unmatched Security Features Metal Tubular Fence

Boss Metal's steel Fence is not just a barrier; it’s a formidable obstacle for any intruder. The pointed top design makes it extremely difficult and dangerous to climb. This feature significantly deters any unauthorized entry, ensuring that your property remains secure. In the rare event that an intruder does make it over, the same features that make it hard to climb also make it just as challenging to exit, often leading to the intruder's capture.

Customizable Dimensions for Enhanced Protection

Understanding that security needs vary, Boss Metal offers the Metal Tubular Fence in standard heights of 1800mm and 2100mm. Additionally, for tailored security requirements, the fence can be supplied at 1800mm or 2400mm, and can be custom-made to fit between pillars, particularly for front alignments.

Versatile Design Options

Boss Metal’s Metal Tubular Fence comes in multiple models – Model A with two rails, Model B with three rails, and Model C with four rails. This variety ensures that you can choose the design that best meets your security and aesthetic needs. The technology used in the fence includes both punched rails and full weld rails with upright pails, enhancing the overall strength and durability.

Durable and Long-Lasting Gates Metal Tubular Fence

Complementing the fence are matching gates, equipped with heavy-duty hinges. These gates are designed to provide years of trouble-free service, outlasting traditional wire fencing and significantly reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.

Aesthetic Integration with Your Property Metal Tubular Fence

Beyond its strength, Boss Metal's Metal Tubular Fence is powder-coated to suit various landscapes and buildings. This not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the fence's durability, making it the premium choice for industrial and commercial properties.

Tolerance and Specifications

Boss Metal ensures precision in every aspect of its Metal Tubular Fence. The tolerance levels in height, width, length, panel wire thickness, post wall thickness, and mesh size are meticulously maintained. This attention to detail is evident in every fence panel and accessory, ensuring you receive a product that meets the highest standards of quality and design.

Boss Metal's Heavy-Duty Metal Tubular Fence Specifications

Specification CategoryDescription
Model TypesModel A: Two Rails, Model B: Three Rails, Model C: Four Rails
Panel Dimensions (mm)Height Options: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100; Width Options: 2000, 2400, 2500, 3000, 3500
Upright Tube SizesOptions: 16×16×1.0, 19×19×1.0, 25×25×1.0, 32×32×1.0
Rails SizesOptions: 32×32×1.2, 40×40×1.2, 45×45×1.2, 60×60×1.5
Number of RailsAvailable with 2, 3, or 4 rails
Post SizesOptions: 60×60×2.0, 80×80×2.0
AccessoriesCap ×1, Bracket ×4, Self Drilling Screw×16

From residential to commercial settings, metal tubular fences provided by companies like Boss Metal, are an increasingly popular choice. Let's explore the various applications of these durable fences.

1. Residential Security and Aesthetics

Metal Tubular Fence are a popular choice for residential properties. They provide a high level of security without compromising the aesthetic appeal of a home. Their design can be customized to complement the style of any house, whether it's modern, traditional, or something in between. In addition to securing the perimeter, these fences are ideal for enclosing pools, gardens, and patios, providing safety and privacy.

2. Commercial Property Boundaries

For commercial properties, security is a top priority, and metal tubular fences serve this need effectively. They are used to define property boundaries and secure areas such as warehouses, factories, and retail spaces. The robustness of the metal tubular design ensures a long-lasting barrier against trespassers, while also offering a professional appearance.

3. Industrial and Government Facilities

In industrial settings and government facilities, where security is paramount, metal tubular fences are an optimal choice. They are often used to protect critical infrastructure, machinery, and sensitive areas from unauthorized access. The ability to add additional security features, such as barbed wire or spikes, makes these fences particularly effective in high-security environments.

4. Parks and Recreational Areas

Metal Tubular Fence are also widely used in parks and recreational areas. They provide a secure boundary for playgrounds, sports fields, and public pools. Their durability makes them capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and heavy usage, making them a cost-effective and long-lasting solution for public spaces.

5. Agricultural and Rural Applications

In rural and agricultural settings, Metal Tubular Fence are used to contain livestock and mark property lines. They offer a more durable and secure alternative to traditional wood or wire fences. The ability to withstand the rigors of rural environments, including interaction with animals and exposure to the elements, makes them a reliable choice for farmers and landowners.

6. Schools and Educational Facilities

Schools and educational facilities utilize Metal Tubular Fence for perimeter security and to create safe play areas. The design of these fences can be tailored to be child-friendly, with no sharp edges and appropriate heights. They also provide a visual barrier, helping to keep students within designated safe zones.

7. Decorative Applications

Apart from their functional uses, Metal steel Fence are also appreciated for their decorative potential. They can be designed with various patterns and colors, enhancing the aesthetic of any space. Whether it’s a private garden or a public plaza, these fences add both beauty and function.


With Boss Metal's Heavy-Duty Metal Tubular Fence, you are investing in more than just a fence; you are ensuring peace of mind with top-tier security, durability, and design. This steel tubular fence stands as a testament to Boss Metal's commitment to excellence, making it the ultimate security fencing solution for any industrial or commercial property.

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