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Metal Tubular Fencing: Strength Meets Style

MOQ:100 pcs
Packing:Metal stillages
Payment Term:TT30% deposit balance 70% at sight of finished products photo
Surface Treatment:Hot dipped Galvanized then powder coated
HS code: 7308900000

38.89$-121.33$ per kit

Product Description:

Metal tubular fencing stands as a versatile and durable option for property owners who seek both security and aesthetics. This type of fencing blends strength with style, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Specification of Metal Tubular Fencing

  1. General Panel Sizes:

    • 1500mm high x 2400mm long

    • 1800mm high x 2400mm long

    • 2100mm high x 2400mm long

    • 2400mm high x 2400mm long

    • 3000mm high x 2400mm long

  2. Vertical Pales and Horizontal Rails:

    • Horizontal Rails: 40x40x1.6mm, made from pre-galvanized steel.

    • Vertical Pickets/Uprights: 25x25x1.5mm, also from pre-galvanized steel.

    • The gap between pickets is set at 110mm for optimal balance between visibility and security.

  3. Surface Treatment:

    • A combination of pre-galvanization followed by a black powder-coated finish ensures both durability and an attractive appearance.

Classic 3-Rail 6' H Fence Specifications:

  1. Pickets:

    • Metal Tubular Fencing Options include square pipes (19x19mm, 20x20mm, 25*25mm) and round pipes (Ø19mm, Ø20mm).

    • Thickness varies from 0.8mm to 1.2mm, with 1.2mm being the most common.

  2. Rails:

    • Available in square pipes of sizes 3825mm and 4040mm.

    • Thickness ranges from 1.2mm to 2.0mm, with 1.6mm being commonly used.

  3. Post:

    • Metal Tubular Fencing Square posts come in sizes 5050mm, 6060mm, 6565mm, and 7575mm.

    • Thickness is between 1.6mm and 2.8mm, commonly at 1.6mm.

  4. Material and Surface Finish:

    • Constructed from pre-hot-dip galvanized steel pipe.

    • Finished with powder coating (E-coat) for durability and aesthetic appeal.

  5. Distance between Pickets:

    • Options include 104mm, 125mm, and 138mm, providing flexibility in design and application.

  6. Colour Options:

    • Metal Tubular Fencing Available in black, white, coffee, grey, etc., with black being widely used.

Why Choose Metal Tubular Fencing?

  1. Versatility in Design: Metal tubular fencing comes in various designs and colors, fitting any architectural style. Whether it's for a residential, commercial, or industrial setting, there's a design that suits your need.

  2. Enhanced Security: The robust nature of steel fencing makes it a formidable barrier against intruders. It’s perfect for areas requiring heightened security.

  3. Durability and Longevity: Made from high-quality metals and often galvanized or powder-coated, these fences resist corrosion, ensuring a long lifespan with minimal maintenance.

  4. Privacy and Boundary Definition: While providing security, metal tubular fences also clearly demarcate property boundaries and can offer a degree of privacy.

  5. Aesthetic Appeal: The sleek and modern appearance of metal tubular fencing can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your property, potentially increasing its value.

  6. Safety and Protection: Ideal for enclosing areas like pools, gardens, and play areas, they offer safety for children and pets while keeping wildlife and trespassers out.

Applications of Metal Tubular Fencing:

  • Residential properties for security and aesthetic enhancement.

  • Commercial areas such as business parks and retail spaces.

  • Industrial sites for perimeter security.

  • Public spaces like parks, schools, and playgrounds.

  • Enclosing swimming pools and garden areas.

Packaging and Delivery Steel Fence Panels

We understand the importance of delivering our products to you in perfect condition. Hence, we use robust packaging materials like sponge or bubble membrane between each panel to prevent any damage. The panels are then stacked on a pallet and secured tightly with chemical fiber straps for safe transport.

A standard 20ft container can accommodate 130 sets, while a 40ft HQ can hold 350 sets. Each set includes 1 panel, 1 post, and matched brackets.


Metal tubular fencing is an excellent choice for anyone looking to combine durability, security, and aesthetic appeal in their property’s fencing. Its versatility in application and design options ensures that there’s a perfect fit for every need, making it a smart investment for both protection and property value enhancement.

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