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Nylofor 3d Fencing: The Ultimate Solution for Security


Product Description:

Nylofor 3d fencing is Available in Any RAL series color(Normal RAL 6005-Dark Green, RAL9005-Black). Nylofor 3d fencing panels are fully welded, and 100% hot-dip galvanized, offering excellent strength, protection against corrosion and incredibly long product life.



Specification Nylofor 3d fencing

The Nylofor 3d mesh security fencing is made of low carbon steel wire welded into welded wire mesh, bent by the press bending machine, bending mesh by the customer to decide the number of bending, generally 2-3. The mesh without surface treatment then according to customer needs after hot-dip galvanizing treatment, plastic coating or plastic spraying treatment, forming the final V-shaped fence mesh, plastic coating or plastic spraying treatment color according to RAL international color card, the standard color to RAL6005 mainly, we can also provide other customer needs of color.

Nylofor 3D Fencing Panels Specification

Mesh SizeWire DiameterPanel HeightPanel LengthBending No.Common ColorSurface Treatment
50x200mm, 50x100mm, 55x200mm, 55x100mm4mm, 5mm830mm, 1030mm, 1230mm, 1530mm, 1830mm, 2030mm, 2230mm, 2430mm2m, 2.2m, 2.4m, 2.5m, 2.8m, 3m2 (for heights up to 1530mm), 3 (for 1830mm), 4 (for 2030mm to 2430mm)Green RAL 6005, Grey RAL 7016, Brown RAL 8019, Black RAL 9005, White RAL 90101. Hot dipped galvanized after black wire welded, 2. PVC coated after galvanized wire welded, 3. PE coated after galvanized wire welded, 4. Powder coated after galvanized wire welded

Nylofor 3D Fencing Posts Specification

Post TypePost SizeThicknessPanel HeightPost HeightSurface Treatment
Square Post, Rectangle Post40x40mm, 50x50mm, 60x60mm (Square); 30x50mm, 40x60mm, 60x80mm (Rectangle)1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm830mm, 1030mm, 1230mm, 1530mm, 1830mm, 2030mm, 2230mm, 2430mm1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 2000mm (Square); 2400mm, 2600mm, 2800mm, 3000mm (Rectangle)1. Black tube hot-dipped galvanized, 2. Galvanized tube PVC coated, 3. Galvanized tube p

Nylofor 3d fencing Benefits :

Built-in Rigidity: The shape and number of integral beam profiles result in maximum rigidity.
Long Life: High-quality appearance, long life and low maintenance through the galvanized wire and high build bonded polyester coating. The minimum coating thickness of 100 microns combined with 100% adhesion.
Complete System: Supplied as a complete system with panels, posts, fixings and Robusta Gates. Vertical or cranked extensions to support three rows of barbed wire are available to provide additional security.

Production Process :

Materials ---- Straightening and Trimming ---- Welding - Bending -Galvanised/Hot Dipped Galvanised ---- Painting - PVC Coated/Painted ---- Packaging ---- Shipping


Used in home, garden, yard, playground, industry, agriculture, building, transportation, mine, field, cultivation, enclosure fence, decoration, machine protection, etc.
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Easy to install

There is no special attachment for piping installation; use propulsion device, easy-grip, fast, and reduce cost.

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Product Nylofor 3d fencing packaging

1. Fence panel: plastic film + metal/wooden pallet.
2. Fencepost: plastic bag + metal/wooden pallet (with rainhat installed).
3.Fence accessories: plastic bag + carton box (clips & screws)



Nylofor 3D fencing is a popular choice for many people because it offers strong security and looks good. This type of fencing is made to last a long time and can stand up to different weather conditions, making it a reliable option for protecting property. It's easy to install and comes in various designs to fit different preferences. Overall, Nylofor 3D fencing is a great investment for anyone looking to secure their area while also wanting something that enhances the look of their space.





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