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Orange Construction Fence: The Ultimate Temporary Safety Barrier


Product Description:

Orange Construction Fence, also referred to as safety fence, plastic safety fencing is a type of temporary fencing made through HDPE plastic materials orange mesh fence or warning barrier fence, is manufactured from high-density polyethylene plastic. It is used as a crowd control barrier in the construction site, worksite and other places where an effective, economical temporary safety fence is required. Safety fences whose most popular color is orange can also be used as snow fences on highways and other places.

Applications Orange Construction Fence :

Orange construction fence is a type of temporary fence made from strong plastic called HDPE. It's mostly used to keep people safe by marking dangerous areas in construction sites, events, and other places where you need a quick and easy way to control crowds or block off areas. This fence is very visible because it's bright orange, but you can also find it in other colors like green, yellow, pink, blue, and black.

People use orange fences for lots of things like blocking off roads, around pools, playgrounds, building sites, open holes, sports events, walkways, snowy areas, and places where you shouldn't go. The fence is great because it's not expensive, you can use it more than once, it's easy to put up, it's light, it lasts a long time even in the sun, and you can get it quickly. It's also easy to shape it the way you need.

This fence comes in different sizes and weights, and you can choose how big the holes in the mesh are. It's made to be seen easily, last a long time, and it doesn't rust or break down easily. Plus, it's light and flexible, which makes it simple to use and move around as needed.


Orange Construction Fence Made of high-density polyethylene material, this four ft. x 50 ft. Safety Edge Fence in Orange is exceptionally durable. It is designed to be highly visible in any environment.

  • Bright orange color provides an excellent visual barrier

  • Applicable at construction sites, as well as for crowd control at special events

  • Polyethylene will not rust or corrode, So our Orange Construction Fence Have a Minimum 5 Years Service life

  • Plastic material bends easily to form the barrier shape you need

  • Also available as four ft. x 50 ft. green safety fence

ColorRoll HeightRoll LengthMesh SizeWeight

Colour Of Orange Safety Fencing

Our Orange Construction Fence available difference of color not limited only orange also available yellow, pink blue, black and green etc


Specification of Temporary Plastic Orange Construction Fence

ProductPlastic Barrier Fence Roll
Model NumberHDPE Orange Construction Fence
Mesh Size70X40 90x26 65X35 80X65 70X40 100X40
Roll size1m*50m,1.2*50m
Colororange, yellow, green, blue etc.
Warranty3-5 Years
ApplicationHighway, Pool, Playground, Construction Sites, Work Sites
PackagingCarton or Pallet

Mesh size (mm): 100 × 50, 100 × 40, 100 × 26, 80 × 50, 80 × 40, 80 × 26, 70 × 50, 70 × 40.

Weight: 80-400 g/m2.

Width: 1 m, 1.2 m, 1.22 m, 1.5 m, 1.8 m.

Length: 20 m - 100 m.

Orange Construction fence with rectangular mesh opening.


Mesh size (mm): 70 × 40, 65 × 35, 60 × 40.

Weight: 100-280 g/m2.

Width: 0.9 m - 1.2 m.

Length: 20 m - 100 m.

Orange warning barrier fence with oval mesh opening


Mesh size (mm): 65 × 60, 65 × 50, 60 × 60, 60 × 50, 38 × 38.

Weight (g/m2): 270, 300, 350, 400, 450.

Width: 1 m, 1.2 m, 1.22 m.

Length: 20 m - 100 m.

Orange Construction Fence with diamond mesh opening.


  • High visibility: Orange plastic fence with a bold color can play the warning performance well.

  • U.V. stabilized: U.V. stabilizers are frequently used in plastics, making the orange plastic fence an all-around barrier.

  • Good chemical stability: Orange construction fence has the characteristics of aging, rust and corrosive resistance.

  • Cost-efficient: Reusable orange mesh fence is more economical than a conventional chain link fence or wooden fence.

  • Lightweight and flexible: Made of polypropylene, orange plastic fencing has lightweight and excellent flexibility.

  • Our Orange Construction Fence Easy to install and remove: Because of its portability, a safety fence can be used for temporary and permanent applications

Package of Temporary Plastic Fence

  • Four thousand one hundred rolls to 4200 rolls per 40' FCL (Full Container Load).

  • Packed in pallet and bulk.

  • Packed in rolls in plastic film bags with labels inside and loosely loaded into the container.

  • Orange plastic fence packed in pallets is more accessible for storage and transport.


In conclusion, the orange construction fence serves as a highly adaptable and economical solution for temporary safety and barrier needs across numerous environments. Its design focuses on maximizing visibility, durability, and ease of use, making it an invaluable resource for managing safety and crowd control in both construction and event settings.





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