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Ornamental Steel Fencing by Boss Metal: Durability


Product Description:

Boss Metal introduces a line of Ornamental Steel Fencing that redefine the boundaries of design and security. Our steel picket fence panels offer a decorative solution, utilizing vertical steel pales and horizontal rails that form an impenetrable yet elegant structure. This fencing is not merely a barrier; it's a statement piece that provides the sophisticated look of wrought-iron fencing, minus the high upkeep.

Crafted from galvanized steel and finished with a polyester powder coating—or available with hot-dipped galvanization—our fencing options are designed for longevity and ease of maintenance. The BMP ornamental Metal Fencing series is a nod to classic design while embracing modern technology and materials.

General Specifications:

  • Rails & Pickets: Available in sizes from 32x32x1.0mm to 45x45x1.0mm for rails, and 16x16x0.8mm to 25x25x0.8mm for pickets, ensuring robust construction.

  • Spacing of Pickets: From a narrow 116mm up to 130mm, catering to both security and aesthetic requirements.

  • Posts: Solid posts ranging from 50x50x1.5mm to 80x80x2.0mm, guaranteeing stability and strength.

  • Surface Treatment: Choose from a galvanized finish or a powder-coated option in a variety of colors including black, green, white, blue, yellow, beige, etc.

Our Ornamental Steel Fencing, particularly the Crimped Spear Garrison Fence, are a popular choice among developers for their maintenance-free coating and durable construction. The BMP Picket Fence is favored across the United States for its decorative appeal, and its popularity is growing in many other regions.

Ornamental Steel Fencing Benefits

  1. Security: Steel fencing keeps your property safe. It stops people and animals from getting in.

  2. Beauty: It looks nice. It makes your place look better.

  3. Durability: Steel is strong. It lasts a long time, so you don't need to replace it often.

  4. Low Maintenance: You don't have to work hard to take care of it. It's easy to clean.

  5. Value: It can increase the value of your property. People like to see good fencing.

  6. Privacy: It can give you some privacy. It stops people from seeing inside your place.

  7. Customization: You can make it how you like. There are many styles and colors to choose from.

  8. Safety: It keeps children and pets safe. They can't wander off.

  9. Weather Resistance: Steel can handle bad weather. It won't get damaged easily by rain or snow.

  10. Cost-Effective: In the long run, it can save you money because you don't need to replace it often.

Ornamental Steel Fencing Dimensions:

  • Panel Height: Ranging from 900mm to 1800mm for diverse applications.

  • Panel Width: Standard options of 2400mm or 3000mm, accommodating different property sizes.

  • Rail Profile: 38x25x1.6mm, providing a solid backbone for each panel.

  • Tube Specifications: A substantial 16mm tube diameter.

  • Tube Spacing: Offering versatility with 90mm or 98mm center options.

  • Inground Post Height: Customizable from 1500mm to 2400mm.

  • Flanged Post Height: From 1300mm to 1900mm for different installation needs.

  • Standard Post Specification: Ranging from 50x50x1.6mm to 60x60x2.0mm.

The Hercules Steel Fence, measuring 1.8m X 2.4m and finished with black PVC coating, is an excellent example of our commitment to combining style with functionality. These Ornamental Welded Metal Fence Panels are designed not just to stand as a boundary but to enhance the aesthetic value of any property.


  1. Home Yards: You can use it in your backyard to create a nice boundary.

  2. Gardens: It adds charm to your garden and keeps critters out.

  3. Pools: It's a safety measure around swimming pools to prevent accidents.

  4. Schools: Schools use it to keep their campuses secure and attractive.

  5. Parks: Parks use it to define boundaries and enhance their appearance.

  6. Commercial Properties: Businesses use it for security and aesthetics around their buildings.

  7. Estates: Large properties and estates often have ornamental steel fencing for both security and style.

  8. Historic Sites: It's used in historic places to preserve their look while keeping them safe.

  9. Resorts: Resorts use it to create a pleasant atmosphere and ensure guest safety.

  10. Housing Developments: Many housing communities use it for a unified look and safety.

Tolerance Sheet for Precision:

Boss Metal ensures accuracy in every dimension, adhering to strict tolerance levels for height, width, length, panel wire thickness, and post-wall thickness. Our hot-dipped galvanization and powder coating are applied with precision, guaranteeing uniform protection and finish quality.

Advantages of Choosing Boss Metal's Ornamental Steel Fence:

  1. Aesthetic Versatility: With a variety of pale head designs, including square, triple point, and round tops, our fences offer visual appeal to match any architectural style.

  2. Installation Ease: Our fences are engineered for ease of transport and installation, capable of adapting to various land situations, including mountainous terrains and slopes.

  3. Economic Efficiency: While offering a high-end look, our steel fences are economically priced, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or security.

Ornamental Steel Fencing Uses and Applications:

Boss Metal's Ornamental Steel Fences are suitable for a broad range of settings, including residential properties, industrial and commercial premises, academic campuses, and private luxury estates. Our fences are the preferred choice for areas where both security and visual appeal are paramount.

Commitment to Excellence:

At Boss Metal, we are dedicated to providing products that meet the highest standards of quality and design. Our Ornamental Steel Fencing are not only a testament to our craftsmanship but also a guarantee of enhancing the value and appearance of your property. Choose Boss Metal for fencing solutions that offer the perfect balance between form and function.

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