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Palisade Steel Fence: A Comprehensive Guide

Ensure the security of your property with a palisade steel fence. Learn about the unique features and benefits and more

Product Description:

When it comes to keeping a property safe, choosing the right kind of security fence is crucial. There are two main types of security steel fences: Palisade Steel Fence and tubular steel fences. Let’s dive into what makes each type unique and why you might choose one over the other.


Palisade Security Steel Fence Specifications

Fence heightsPost DistanceD Pale section: 65mmPale ThicknessQty of PaleCross RailsPost Height


Fence heightsPost DistanceD Pale section: 62mmPale ThicknessQty of PaleCross RailsPost Height
1.5/2/2.5mm17pcs40x40x4mm or 50x50x5mm2400
1.5/2/2.5mm17pcs40x40x4mm or 50x50x5mm2900
1.5/2/2.5mm17pcs40x40x4mm or 50x50x5mm3200
1.5/2/2.5mm17pcs40x40x4mm or 50x50x5mm3900

Tubular Steel Fence Specfications

Panel LengthPanel HeightRails SizeRails ThicknessRails No.Picket SizePicket DistancePost Size

Palisade Steel Fence: The Strong Guard

A palisade steel fence is your go-to for top-notch security. It's built to stand tall against intruders and theft, making it an excellent choice for the boundary lines of any property. This fence uses heavy steel sections, both hot-formed and cold-rolled, ensuring it's tough and durable.


Key Features of Palisade Security Steel Fence:

  • Height Variations: Whether you need a fence that's 1.2m or goes all the way up to 3.6m, there's a size for every need.

  • Sturdy Posts and Rails: Depending on the height, the posts can be 102x44 or 100x55, and the rails 40x40x6mm to 50x50x6mm, offering strong support.

  • Support Legs: Each panel comes with support legs, one for shorter fences and two for those towering at 3m and above.

  • Corrugated Steel Palisades: Choose between W - 2.0mm or D - 3.0mm thickness for added strength.

Tubular Steel Fence: The Versatile Protector

Compare with Palisade Steel Fence Tubular steel fences are all about versatility. They're perfect for various settings, from railway and track protection to schools and industrial sites. This fence type combines security with aesthetics, making it a preferred choice for areas where looks matter too.

Key Features of Tubular Steel Fence:

  • Different Post Views: You can pick square or round posts in various sizes and thicknesses to match your specific security needs.

  • Panel Height and Post Requirements: With heights ranging from 830mm to 2030mm, you can tailor the fence to your site's requirements.

  • Surface Treatment: Options include black tube hot-dipped galvanized or galvanized tube PVC coated for extra durability.

Why Choose Our Security Steel Fences?

  1. Free Samples: We’re happy to provide free samples so you can see the quality for yourself.

  2. Custom Designs: Our tech team can create a design based on your specific needs.

  3. Quality Assurance: With a quality assurance contract, you get your money back if the quality doesn’t meet your standards.

  4. Trade Assurance: We offer Trade Assurance for added protection from payment to delivery.

  5. Certified Quality: We provide factory inspection reports, including ISO-9001 certification.

FAQ About Palisade Steel Fence

Can you design for us?
Absolutely! Just tell us what you need, and we’ll handle the rest.

What if there’s a problem with spear cracks?
No worries. Our spears are press-formed before aging to prevent cracks.

How long does it take to get samples?
You can expect your customized samples in 6-8 days, or 3-5 days if we have the materials ready.

What’s the delivery time?
We need 3-5 days to prepare a full 40'HQ container. We have enough welders to meet demand.

Do you have a minimum order quantity for trial orders?
Typically, we prefer a full container to protect the fence panels during transport, but we can discuss your specific needs.


Choosing between a palisade steel fence and a tubular steel fence depends on your security requirements, aesthetic preferences, and the specific characteristics of your property. Both options offer robust protection, ensuring peace of mind and safety for any area.





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