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Product Description:

BMP offers high-quality portable chain link fence panels, a versatile and secure solution for a range of temporary fencing needs. Known also as American temporary fences or construction fences, these panels are crafted from low carbon steel wire or galvanized wire and receive a hot dipped galvanization finish, meeting Australian standards of 42 Microns.


Portable Chain Link Fence Panels Specifications:

  • Mesh Panel Size: 2.1m x 3.0m

  • Mesh Opening: Options include 50x50mm, 60x60mm, etc.

  • Wire Diameter: Available in 4.0mm, 3.2mm, etc.

  • Frame O.D.: Variants like 32mm x 1.5mm, 30mm x 1.5mm are available.

  • Material: Low carbon steel wire and pipe

  • Surface Treatment: Hot dipped galvanized as per Australian standards

Production Process Portable Chain Link Fence Panels

  1. Preparing the Wire: The process starts with long, strong wires. These wires are already treated with a special coating to protect them from rust.

  2. Cutting the Wire: Next, these wires are cut to the right length. This is important to make sure the fence panels are the same size.

  3. Making the Mesh: The cut wires are then woven or welded together to form the chain link mesh. This mesh is what makes the fence look like a net.

  4. Trimming for Shape: After the mesh is ready, its edges are trimmed. This makes the edges neat and safe.

  5. Building the Frame: At the same time, metal pipes are prepared for the frame. The ends of these pipes are flattened so they can be easily joined together.

  6. Joining Frame and Mesh: The chain link mesh is then attached to the frame. It can be tied with smaller wires or secured with metal bars and bands for extra strength.

  7. Smoothing the Joints: Where the frame is welded, the joints are smoothed. This makes the Portable Chain Link Fence Panels look better and removes any sharp bits.

  8. Protecting from Rust: To stop the fence from rusting, a special rust-proof paint is applied, especially on the welded areas.

  9. Adding a Final Coat: Then, a silver-colored coating is sprayed over the welds. This gives extra protection and makes the fence look nice and shiny.

  10. Packing Up: Finally, the finished Portable Chain Link Fence Panels are stacked and packed. They're made ready for shipping, ensuring they're protected and easy to move.



A complete temporary chain link fence system includes panels, bases, tie wire/clamps, and stays/brackets, enhancing stability. The fence clamps are hot dipped galvanized to Australian standards, molded with 4mm thickness for extra strength, and come in center distances of 75mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, etc. Additionally, tie wires offer a cost-effective method for panel installation.


BMP's portable chain link fence panels are perfect for:

  1. Creating barriers at significant meetings, festivals, and sports events.

  2. Securing construction sites, mines, and other critical areas.

  3. Enclosing grasslands and other open spaces.

  4. Various construction scenarios.

These panels are particularly popular in America, Australia, Canada, and England, demonstrating their versatility and appeal in different markets.

Portable Chain Link Fence Panels Benefits:

  • Flexibility: The panels can be configured in multiple shapes and sizes, suitable for diverse needs.

  • Durability: The hot dipped galvanized finish ensures long-lasting protection against corrosion and wear.

  • Portability: The lightweight yet sturdy construction makes these panels easy to transport and set up.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Provides a secure solution without the need for permanent installation, reducing overall costs.

Portable Chain Link Fence Panels Packaging and Shipping:

  1. Fence Panels: Shipped on metal pallets, with protective carton board.

  2. Bases: Also on metal pallets, wrapped in plastic film.

  3. Tie Wire & Clamps: The tie wire is rolled and water-proofed, while clamps are packed in small cartons.


FAQs for Portable Chain Link Fence Panels

Q: What are portable chain link fence panels? A:temp fence panels are fences made from woven steel wires in a diamond pattern. They are easy to move and set up, making them great for temporary use.

Q: Why are they called 'portable'? A: These fence panels are lightweight and easy to move around, which makes them perfect for temporary setups like construction sites or outdoor events.

Q: What sizes do these panels come in? A: They usually come in various sizes, but common ones are 6 feet tall and 10 or 12 feet wide. You can choose the size that best fits your needs.

Q: How do you install these fence panels? A: They are simple to install. You just stand them up and secure them with clamps or ties. No need to dig holes or pour concrete.

Q: Can I link multiple panels together? A: Yes, you can easily connect multiple panels together to create a longer fence line. They usually have special clamps or ties for this purpose.

Q: Are they strong and durable? A: Yes, they are made of steel and are very strong. They can last a long time, especially if they are galvanized to prevent rust.

Q: Can I use them for my pet's outdoor area? A: Absolutely! These fences are great for making safe outdoor spaces for pets.

Q: How do I move the panels? A: The panels are designed to be lightweight, so they can be carried by hand or with a small vehicle like a cart.

BMP's portable chain link fence panels are designed to offer a secure, adaptable, and easy-to-install solution for temporary fencing requirements. Whether it's for construction, events, or site protection, these panels provide a reliable barrier that meets various industry standards and customer needs.

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