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Powder Coated Black Steel Picket Fence for Every Setting


Product Description:

When it comes to securing a property, nothing blends elegance and durability quite like a powder coated black steel picket fence. Our heavy-duty crimp top fences are not only strong but also boast a sleek black finish that makes them a favorite among homeowners and businesses alike.

Why Choose Our Black Steel Picket Fence?

  • Bold Design: The crimp top diamond shape and black color give a modern twist to the classic fence design.

  • Tailored Fit: With a standard width of 2400mm and a height of 1800mm, our fences are designed to suit a variety of spaces.

  • Robust Build: The top rails and verticals are crafted with precision, ensuring a long-lasting structure.

  • Attention to Detail: Each of our 17 vertical pickets is capped with a diamond crimp, providing an extra touch of style and security.

  • Generous Spacing: The 110mm gap between pickets offers a balance of privacy and openness.

  • Solid Foundation: Our 60x60x2mm thick posts are longer than average, giving you a more secure installation.

Applications That Shine

Our powder coated black steel picket fences serve more than one purpose. They are perfect for:

  • Safety Railings: Protecting individuals in various environments, including schools and colleges.

  • Boundary Markers: Defining property lines for residential areas and private estates.

  • Security Barriers: Guarding industrial and commercial premises against unauthorized access.

Unmatched Benefits

  • Simple and Beautiful: The design is straightforward, making it as attractive as it is practical.

  • Transport-Friendly: Lightweight and easy to handle, our fences make transportation and installation a breeze.

  • Adaptable: They are especially suited for challenging terrains such as mountains and slopes.

  • Cost-Effective: Our fences offer a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.

Craftsmanship That Lasts Powder Coated Black Steel Picket Fence

We take pride in our workmanship. Each fence panel undergoes a meticulous process:

  1. Cutting and shaping to precision.

  2. Punching holes for easy assembly.

  3. Acid-washing for a clean surface.

  4. Applying a rich zinc powder coating for rust resistance.

  5. Finishing with a polyester color powder coating for a long-lasting finish.

Packaging Done Right

We ensure each fence panel is safely packaged with foam and pallets, ready to be shipped. Our efficient packaging means a single 20ft container can load 107 sets, while a 40HQ can accommodate 470 sets.

ModelCrimp top picket steel fence
DimensionsWidth: 2400mm x Height: 1800mm
Top Rail40x40x1.6mm
Vertical Pickets17 pickets, 20x20mm with diamond crimp
Picket Gap110mm
Posts60x60x2mm, 3m long
BracketsNormal and Security fence brackets (powder coated)
Post CapsCaps for 60x60 posts (powder coated)
Pre-treatmentPhosphate treated before powder coating
ProtectionAll panels are fully protected
Wrought Iron Fence SpecsRail(mm): 40x40x1.2, Picket(mm): various sizes, Post(mm): various sizes
SpacingVarious, e.g., 120mm
Panel Size Options1.5mX3.0m, 1.7mX3.0m, 1.8mX2.4m, etc.
ApplicationsRailings, premises, schools, reservoirs, motorways, residential, mansions
AdvantagesSimple structure, easy transport, suitable for various terrains, economic
FeaturesWrought iron design, galvanized, powder coated, exquisite craftsmanship, customizable design
Manufacturing ProcessCut Shot, Punching Holes, Acid-Washing, Zinc Powder Coating, Polyester Color Powder Coating, Assembly, Packing
PackagingPlastic foam, bulk or pallet, ~30 pcs per pallet
Container Load Capacity20ft container: 107 sets, 40HQ: 470 sets

Closing Thoughts Powder Coated Black Steel Picket Fence

Our powder coated black steel picket fence is more than a boundary. It's a statement of style, security, and sophistication. Choose our fences, and choose the assurance of a well-made product that stands the test of time.

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