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Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing


Product Description:

In the world of perimeter security, BMP's Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing stands as a paragon of strength and aesthetic appeal. Designed to meet the highest standards of safety and elegance, these fences provide the ultimate security solution for various settings.

Applications of Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing

  1. Residential Security: Ensuring safety and adding a decorative touch to homes.

  2. Commercial Boundaries: Ideal for businesses seeking secure and appealing perimeter fencing.

  3. Public and Educational Facilities: Offering reliable security for schools, colleges, parks, and public areas.

  4. Industrial Sites: Robust fencing solutions for industrial and commercial premises.

  5. Transport Infrastructure: Perfect for securing railways, motorways, and reservoirs.

Unmatched Benefits

  1. Enhanced Security: The spear top design effectively deters intruders and unauthorized access.

  2. Longevity and Durability: Galvanized and powder-coated finishes ensure long-lasting performance.

  3. Aesthetic Versatility: Adds a sophisticated touch to any landscape or building.

  4. Maintenance Ease: Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing Requires minimal upkeep, retaining its look over time.

  5. Customization Options: Available in various sizes, colors, and styles to suit different requirements.

Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing Specifications:

  • Rails: 40x40mm, punched for superior strength.

  • Uprights: 25x25mm, set at 125mm centers for optimum security.

  • Fencing Panel Size: Available in 2400x1800mm and 2400x2100mm.

  • Material: Low carbon steel pipe, galvanized for durability.

  • Finishing: Powder-coated for a sleek look and extra protection.

  • Post Dimensions: 60x60mm and 80x80mm, providing robust support.

Specification AspectDetails
MaterialLow Carbon Steel Pipe
Finishing OptionsPowder Coated, Galvanized
Rails Specification40x40mm, Punched Rails
Uprights Specification25x25mm, Set at 125mm Center
Panel Sizes2400 x 1800mm, 2400 x 2100mm
Horizontal RailGalvanized 40 x 40 x 1.6mm SHS
Vertical Spear PostGalvanized 25 x 25 x 1.2mm SHS
Post OptionsGalvanized 65 x 65 x 5mm SHS; 60x60x2.0mm or 80x80x2.0mm
Vertical Post Spacing125mm (customizable)
Picket Gap110mm
Surface FinishPowder Coating after Fabrication; Hot Dip Galvanized/Pre-Galvanized Steel Tube
Color OptionsBlack (Standard), Other Colors Available
Top and Bottom Rail40x40x1.6mm
Verticals Specification25x25x1.2mm
Number of Vertical Pickets18 with Spear
ApplicationsReservoirs, Railways, Motorways, Industrial and Commercial Premises, Educational Institutions

Deciding between powder-coated and hot-dipped galvanized finishes for Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing involves considering several factors such as the environment where the fence will be installed, the desired aesthetics, maintenance requirements, and budget. Here's a guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Environmental Considerations:

  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized: Ideal for harsh environments. Galvanizing provides superior rust and corrosion resistance, making Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing suitable for areas with high humidity, saline conditions, or industrial pollutants.

  • Powder Coated: Best for environments where aesthetic appeal is a priority. While it offers good resistance to rust, it might be less durable in extremely corrosive environments compared to galvanized fencing.

2. Aesthetic Preferences:

  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized: Offers a distinctive, industrial look with its shiny, metallic finish. It might not blend as seamlessly into all landscapes or architectural designs.

  • Powder Coated: Provides a more refined, smooth finish available in various colors. This option allows you to match the Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing with the surrounding environment or architectural style.

3. Longevity and Durability:

  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized: Known for its long life and durability. The zinc coating provides a protective layer that is integral to the metal.

  • Powder Coated: While durable, it can be prone to chipping or scratching, which might require touch-ups. However, advances in powder coating technology have significantly enhanced its longevity and resilience.

4. Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing Maintenance Requirements:

  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized: Low maintenance. The zinc coating is self-healing and can withstand minor scratches without rusting.

  • Powder Coated: Requires more maintenance, especially if the coating is damaged. Scratches need to be touched up to prevent rust.

5. Budget Considerations:

  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized: Generally more cost-effective in the long term due to its durability and low maintenance.

  • Powder Coated: Might have a higher initial cost, especially for custom colors. Maintenance costs should also be factored in.

6. Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing Application Specifics:

  • Consider the specific use of the fence. For high-security areas, the extra durability of galvanizing might be preferable. For residential or decorative applications, the aesthetic flexibility of powder coating could be more desirable.

Decision-Making Tips:

  • Assess the Environment: Choose galvanized for more corrosive environments and powder-coated for milder conditions.

  • Consider Aesthetics: If color and appearance are important, powder coating offers more options.

  • Evaluate Long-Term Costs: While galvanized might be cheaper initially, consider potential maintenance costs.

  • Consult with Professionals: Speak with fencing specialists who can provide advice based on your particular situation and location.

Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing Additional Features:

  • Dual Anticorrosive Processing: Galvanizing and Powder Coating

  • Corrosion Resistance: Excellent anti-corrosion performance

  • Service Life: Long-lasting with potential for reuse after long-term use

Packaging & Shipping

  1. Bundle Packaging: Compression rolls bundled securely.

  2. Water-Proof Packaging: Each roll is wrapped with water-proof paper and a woven bag for added protection.

  3. Carton Packaging: Rolls are also available in carton packaging for easy handling and shipping.


BMP's Pressed Spear Top Security Steel Fencing is not just a fence; it's a statement of security, durability, and style. Ideal for a wide range of applications, it offers peace of mind with its impenetrable design and adds aesthetic value to any property. Choose BMP for a fencing solution that stands tall against threats and time.

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