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Prison Fence System: A Secure and Durable Solution


Product Description:

The Prison Fence System is built for places where keeping things secure and lasting a long time are very important. This system is extremely tough, almost impossible to climb or break through (unless you have cutting tools), easy to keep up, and fits well with its surroundings.


Fence Panels: They are 2515 mm wide, strong, straight, and fully welded mesh panels made from 4 mm thick steel vertical wires placed 75 mm apart and welded to 4 mm thick steel horizontal wires that are 12.5 mm apart. This creates the unique 75 x 12.5 x 4 mm mesh pattern. In inches, the mesh measures 3 inches by 0.5 inch by 8 gauge, which is why it's called "358." Fence Posts: These are Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) steel posts, buried in concrete every 2.44 meters.

Clamp-strips: These are 40 x 5 mm steel strips (one per panel height), with slots every 300 mm for the bolts.

Finish: All the steel parts are galvanized and coated with polyester powder for durability.

Benefits and Features of the Prison Fence System:

The 358 mesh stands out for its strength and security, making it ideal for prisons and secure areas. It requires little maintenance due to its galvanized finish, polyester powder coating, and galvanized fittings. The panels remain strong and retain their shape, resisting bending and warping. Its design prioritizes safety, eliminating sharp edges with smooth clamp-strips and round security bolts. The tight mesh and covered panel joints prevent the trapping of heads and fingers.

Its design fights against vandalism with hard-to-tamper security bolts, and the dense mesh is tough to cut or damage and almost impossible to climb. If it gets damaged, fixing it is straightforward because you can simply replace the parts. It looks good, blending in with different environments and comes in various colors. It offers great visibility, cutting down on shadows and blind spots, which makes it easier to watch over. It's also popular in sports areas for its strength and durability.

The Prison Fence is ideal for places that need strong security. It offers great visibility, which works well with CCTV. This top-notch system is the best for preventing climbing and cutting through. It's suitable for schools, shopping areas, business parks, utility sites, airports, and secure facilities. The system can include extra security features like detection and electrified fencing, making it a versatile choice for demanding security needs.

 Specifications Prison Fence

Fence Height (m)Panel Size (H x W)Wire Diameter (mm)Clamp Bar (mm)Post Centers (mm)Hanging Bracket
2.42000 x 2515440 x 524042
2.72400 x 2515440 x 524302
33000 x 2515440 x 524809
3.33300 x 2515440 x 524809
3.63600 x 2515440 x 5248010
44000 x 2515440 x 5248011
55000 x 2515440 x 5248012

Why SECUREGUARD-358 fence Be Prison Fence

The SECUREGUARD-358 fence is a top choice for places needing strong security, like prisons, military sites, power plants, sports arenas, mines, and refineries. This fence has a tight mesh that stops people from climbing or cutting through it. The mesh uses thick wires welded together at every cross point, making it solid and tough. The holes in the mesh are small, so no one can get a grip to climb or cut through easily.

You can choose to make the fence even more secure by making the holes for attaching it closer together, from the usual 304mm to just 152mm. The type of pole used depends on how tall the fence is, with options ranging from 1.8 meters to 3.0 meters tall.

The poles for the fence are strong and come in different sizes to fit the fence's height. They come with a clamp bar and bolts for easy and strong fitting.

To install the Prison Fence quickly and without hassle, it uses a special clamp system. If you need the fence to be taller than the usual choices, you can use longer poles.

The SECUREGUARD-358 fence system also offers matching gates that are just as secure as the fence. These gates have adjustable hinges, lockable bolts, and a special latch to stop people from climbing over.

This fence is built to be very secure. The way it's put together makes it nearly impossible to knock down. The small mesh holes not only prevent break-ins but also let you see through the fence. You can pick different finishes for the fence to stop rust and suit the needs of your area.


In conclusion, using a fence around a prison is necessary for safety and security. It helps keep inmates from escaping and prevents unauthorized individuals from entering. The fence acts as a physical barrier, deterring escape attempts and reducing the risk of incidents both inside and outside the prison grounds. Overall, the use of a prison fence is vital in maintaining order and protecting the community.





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