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Product Description:

RT38 Temporary Fencing stands out as a versatile and secure option for various temporary perimeter needs. Widely recognized in the UK and Cyprus for its superior design, this fencing solution provides effective crowd control and security against theft and hazards. Whether it's for construction sites, farmhouses, or sports events, RT38 Temporary Fence Panels offer a high-quality standard of protection.

RT38 Round Top Temporary Fence is a popular and secure option for temporary fencing needs in the UK and Cyprus. This range includes Standard, Euro, and Anticlimb panels, all with 38mm diameter tubes for the frame. These fences are perfect for managing crowds, enhancing security at events or construction sites, and protecting against theft and hazards.






Features RT38 Temporary Fencing

  • Diverse Panel Options: Choose from Standard, Euro, and Anticlimb panels, each designed for specific security and crowd control needs.

  • Sturdy Construction: Each panel features a strong, low carbon steel frame with a 38mm outer diameter, ensuring durability.

  • Anti-climb Mesh: The fences include a 3.2mm thick, galvanized welded wire mesh that makes climbing difficult. The mesh sizes vary, including 250mm x 50.8mm, 100x262mm, and 43 x 262mm options, adding to the security level.

  • Long-lasting Finish: We first pre-galvanize then either paint the panels silver or black, or we hot-dip galvanize them for longer life, expecting them to last 10-15 years.

  • Easy Installation: Setting up these fences is straightforward, thanks to couplers and rubber fencing feet that make them stable and secure. The design also includes two bottom rounded corner plates that strengthen the fence against wind.

Applications and Benefits

RT38 Temporary Fencing Applications:

  • Construction Sites: Safeguards equipment and delineates work zones.

  • Events: Manages crowds at festivals, concerts, and sports competitions.

  • Commercial and Residential Areas: Secures areas undergoing renovation or needing temporary protection.

RT38 Temporary Fencing Benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Features like anti-climb mesh deter unauthorized access.

  • Durability: Pre-galvanized and optional hot-dipped galvanization provide long-lasting resistance against rust.

  • Flexibility: Easy to install and reconfigure, suitable for various terrains and layouts.

  • Wind Resistance: The heavy-duty design offers improved wind loading ratings, ideal for exposed areas.

Fence Panels Specifications

Panel TypeInner Wire Mesh PanelDimensionWeightFinishFeatures
RT38 StandardVertical Pitch: 100mm, Horizontal Pitch: 262mm3450x2000x40mm13.4kgPre-galvanizedStandard design
RT38 Standard 3VAs RT38 Standard3450x2000x40mm15kgPre-galvanizedIncludes center vertical bar
RT38 EuroVertical & Horizontal Wire Diameter: Ø3.2mm3450x2000x40mm15.4kgPre-galvanizedEuropean design
RT38 Euro 3VAs RT38 Euro3450x2000x40mm17kgPre-galvanizedEuropean design with vertical bar
RT38 AnticlimbVertical Pitch: 43mm; Horizontal Pitch: 262mm3450x2000x40mm15.9kgPre-galvanizedAnti-climb mesh for maximum security
RT38 Anticlimb 3VAs RT38 Anticlimb3450x2000x40mm17.5kgPre-galvanizedAnti-climb with vertical bar


RT38 Temporary Fencing provides an exceptional balance of security, flexibility, and durability for various temporary enclosure needs. Its anti-climb features, combined with robust construction, make it a preferred choice for protecting assets and managing crowds effectively. Whether for construction safety, event management, or temporary area demarcation, RT38 Temporary Fence Panels offer a reliable solution, ensuring peace of mind and security across diverse applications.





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