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Razor Wire: BMP's Guide to Effective Fencing


Product Description:

In today's ever-changing world, ensuring the safety and security of your property has become more critical than ever before. Whether you need to safeguard your garden, mining site, prison, or perimeter, BMP's razor barbed wire is the ideal choice for modern security fencing. This article will provide you with essential information about BMP's Concertina wire, its specifications, applications, and the many benefits it offers.


Specifications of BMP's Razor Barbed Wire

BMP offers a wide range of concertina razor wire specifications to meet various security needs:

  • Coil Diameter: Our Concertina wire is available in various coil diameters, ranging from 300mm (12 inches) to 1250mm (50 inches), ensuring compatibility with different fence heights and lengths.

  • Recommended Stretch Length: Depending on your requirements, our Concertina wire is designed to be stretched to a specific length, ranging from 4 meters to 20 meters.

  • Coil Diameter When Stretched: The diameter of the wire when stretched varies according to the coil diameter, ensuring effective protection.

  • Spiral Turns Per Coil: With 54 to 55 spiral turns per coil, BMP's razor wire provides robust and impenetrable fencing.

  • Clips Per Spiral: Depending on the coil type, each spiral is equipped with 3, 5, 7, or 9 clips for added stability and strength.


Specifications of Razor Wire 

Reference NumberThicknessWire DiaBarb LengthBarb WidthBarb spacing

Table 1: Concertina Coil Specification

Coil Diameter (Inches)Coil Diameter When Stretched (mm)Recommended Stretch Length (m)Spiral Turns Per CoilClips Per Spiral
12 (300mm)260mm4333
18 (450mm)400mm1054/553
28 (730mm)600mm15-2054/553
36 (730mm)620mm10-1254/555
36 (980mm)820mm10-1554/555
36 (980mm)850mm854/557
50 (1250mm)1150mm854/559

Table 2: Barbed Tape Wire Specification

Loop Outside Diameter (mm)No. Of LoopsStandard Length Per Coil (m)TypeNotes
450mm337-8MCBT-60.65Single Coil
500mm5612-13MCBT-60.65Single Coil
700mm5613-14MCBT-60.65Single Coil
960mm5614-15MCBT-60.65Single Coil
450mm568-9M (3CLIPS)BTO- Type
500mm569-10M (3CLIPS)BTO- Type
600mm5610-11M (3CLIPS)BTO- Type
600mm568-10M (5CLIPS)BTO- Type
700mm5610-12M (5CLIPS)BTO- Type
800mm5611-13M (5CLIPS)BTO- Type
900mm5612-14M (5CLIPS)BTO- Type
960mm5613-15M (5CLIPS)BTO- Type
980mm5614-16M (5CLIPS)BTO- Type

Packing and Storage

Workers pack razor wire in rolls for easy handling. You can lay these rolls out in long lines on top of fences or walls. You can also coil them up to use as barriers on the ground. When moving or storing the wire, people press the rolls tight and tie them up. This makes them safer and easier to work with. They usually put cardboard or something like it between the rolls. This keeps them from getting tangled and helps you set them up quickly where you need them.


Applications of BMP's Razor Barbed Wire

BMP's razor barbed wire works well for many things:

  • Keep your place safe with a tough barrier that scares off trespassers.

  • Make mining sites safer by keeping people who shouldn't be there away.

  • Protect your garden from animals or people you don't want there.

  • Keep prisons secure and under control.

Benefits of BMP's Razor Barbed Wire

  • BMP's razor wire has sharp steel blades and strong wire. This makes it very good at keeping intruders out.

  • The wire and strip have a special coating to stop rust, so your security lasts longer.

  • It's very hard for someone to climb over or even touch the razor wire, which makes it better for security.

  • BMP offers many sizes and types of razor wire, so you can find the perfect fit for your safety needs.

  • BMP designs its razor barbed wire to be easy to put up, which saves you time and work.


Production Process

To make razor wire, you start with galvanized steel coils and a steel wire rope. First, cut the galvanized steel coils into sharp-edged barbed tape. Then, wrap this tape tightly around the steel wire rope, creating the razor wire's dangerous edges. After that, shape the wire into its final form, ready for use. For packaging, wrap the Concertina wire with water-proof paper first, then cover it with woven bags. Finally, place the protected wire into sturdy cardboard boxes for storage and shipping. This careful packing keeps the Concertina wire secure and dry until it reaches its destination.



In conclusion,

BMP's concertina razor wire, available in both galvanized and stainless steel options, provides a modern and effective solution for all your security fencing needs. Whether it's perimeter protection, mine safety, garden security, or prison control, our Concertina wire offers superior protection, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation. Invest in BMP's razor barbed wire today to enhance your security and enjoy peace of mind.

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