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Razor Wire Mesh Fence: The Ultimate Security Solution


Product Description:

In the sphere of security fencing, the razor wire mesh fence emerges as a formidable barrier, engineered for protection and deterrence. Welded from straight-blade nettings, this high-security fence is a staple in safeguarding commercial, industrial, and governmental premises. The unique design, featuring a diamond pattern with vertical barbs, makes it an intimidating obstacle against intrusions, while maintaining a clean and orderly appearance.


We galvanize all parts of the welded razor mesh to protect it from rust. The finished mesh sizes are 1.80x6.00 meters with diamond shapes that measure 150x300 millimeters. We make sure the galvanized coating is thick, at least 210 grams per square meter. If we need to make any holes or do other work on the galvanized parts, we always add the protective galvanization layer after.

Applications and Benefits razor wire mesh fence

razor wire mesh fence Applications:

  • Airports

  • Military bases

  • Mining areas

  • Water substations

  • Border fencing

  • Oil depots

  • Factories

razor wire mesh fence Benefits:

  • Impenetrable by climbers

  • Resistant to cutting with standard tools

  • Aesthetically pleasing despite its robustness

  • No value for thieves (no secondary use)

  • Simple installation process

Advantages razor wire mesh fence

  1. Intrusion-Proof: The fence is designed to be virtually impossible to climb.

  2. Cut-Resistant: The high-strength steel core makes it very difficult to cut through.

  3. Visually Deterrent: Its appearance alone can act as a strong deterrent to potential intruders.

  4. Theft-Proof: It has no value for recycling, minimizing the risk of theft.

  5. Ease of Installation: The fence can be easily installed with a minimal team.

Specifications razor wire mesh fence

FeatureRazor Mesh (Diamond Hole)Razor Mesh (Square Hole)
Thickness of Sheet0.5mm ± 0.05mm0.5mm ± 0.05mm
Wire Diameter2.5mm ± 0.1mm2.5mm ± 0.1mm
Height1.0m - 2.4m1.0m - 2.4m
Length2.0m - 10.0m2.0m - 10.0m
Mesh Size75mm x 150mm, 100mm x 200mm, 150mm x 300mm150mm x 150mm, 200mm x 200mm, 300mm x 300mm
Mesh Width1.2m ~ 2.4m1.2m ~ 2.4m
Suited Blade SpecificationsBTO-10, 12, 18, 22, 28, 30, CBT-60, 65BTO-10, 12, 18, 22, 28, 30, CBT-60, 65

Table 2: Detailed Specifications for Mesh and Components

Razor MaterialGalvanized steel
Razor Thickness> 0.5mm
Razor WidthApprox. 21mm
Steel Wire Diameter> 2mm
Tensile Strength> 1500MPa
Mesh Size75mm x 150mm, 100mm x 200mm, 150mm x 300mm
Galvanized Coating50-60g/m², 80-100g/m², 200-250g/m²
PVC Coating ColorVarious options (e.g., green, red, white)

Table 3: Installation Components for Razor Wire Mesh

Installation ComponentSpecification
"Y" Standards1850mm and 2450mm
Barbed Tape Concertinas450mm and 700mm all clipped
Galvanized Posts2400 x 48, 3000 x 48, 2400 x 76, 3000 x 76
Wooden Posts3000 x 50-75 and 3000 x 100-125

Table 4: Fence Installation Specifications

Line Posts2-3/8" O.D.
Terminal Posts4" O.D.
Tension Wire Rows4
Bottom Rail1-5/8" O.D.

Table 5: Additional Razor Wire Mesh Specifications

Blade Length300mm
Blade Width180mm
Blade Spacing451mm
Wire Diameter2.50mm
Finishing ColorPVC coated "Chocolate coffee"

Table 6: Specifications for Razor Diamond Mesh and Posts

Hole Size150mm x 300mm
Wire Diameter2.5mm
Blade TypeBTO-22
Fence Height1.6 meters
Bundle Length3 meters (18 meters per bundle)
Total Quantity2500 meters
Post Dimensions40mm x 40mm x 1.90 meters
Post Thickness2mm


The razor wire mesh fence stands as an unassailable guardian of the perimeter, offering an optimal blend of impenetrability and visual orderliness. This fence system caters to a broad spectrum of security needs, from commercial to governmental, providing peace of mind where it matters most. With its straightforward installation, robust structure, and near-zero maintenance, the razor wire mesh fence is not just a barrier but a steadfast ally in the realm of modern security solutions.





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