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Reinforced Mike Pad: Innovative and Durable Erosion Control


Product Description:

BMP brings you the Reinforced Mike Pad, an advanced solution for controlling erosion and stabilizing slopes. This product stands out for its durability and eco-friendliness, changing how we handle geotechnical challenges.

Material and Design of Reinforced Mike Pad

We make the Reinforced Mike Pad from top-quality materials like galvanized steel wire, zinc-aluminum alloy wire, and wires coated with PVC or PE. These materials make the pad tough and long-lasting, perfect for many environmental conditions. The pad's special design uses polypropylene, known for excellent erosion resistance and strong tensile strength. This makes the pad really good at stopping erosion.

Table 1: Specifications of Hexagonal Wire Netting

Mesh Size (mm x mm)Mesh Wire Diameter (mm)Selvedge Wire Diameter (mm)MaterialService Life (years)Remarks
60x802.0 - 3.02.7 - 3.410% Al –Zn Steel Wire40 - 70Varies by environment
80x120--Plated Se-Cr-Zn Steel Wire30 - 60-
100x120--Galvanized Steel Wire0.5 - 5-

Table 2: Geotechnical Material Properties and Reinforced Gabion Mattress

Geotechnical MaterialMelting Point: 150°C, Void Index: ≥90%, Polymer: Polypropylene, Density: 900 Kg/m³, UV Resistance: Stable
Reinforced Gabion MattressColor: Black, Length/Roll: 25 m, Width: 2 m, Area: 50 m²


  • Mesh size and steel wire thickness are customizable based on usage.

  • Mesh can be twisted in double or five with a determined size.

Applications in Geotechnical Engineering

The versatility of the Reinforced Mike Pad makes it ideal for several crucial applications:

  • Road embankments and cuttings

  • Railway embankments and abutments

  • Landslide and debris flow control projects

  • Coastal protection, river renovation, and urban building retaining structures

This wide range of applications demonstrates the pad's adaptability to different geotechnical scenarios.

Characteristics and Benefits Reinforced Mike Pad

  1. Self-Permeability and Vegetation Support: The pad’s structure allows for water drainage, reducing soil pore water pressure and enhancing the stability of the structure. This permeability also fosters the natural growth of vegetation, integrating the pad into the environment seamlessly.

  2. Durability: The reinforced Mike pad is made with a 10% aluminum-zinc alloy steel wire, providing strong corrosion resistance and ensuring a long service life, typically ranging between 30 to 70 years depending on environmental conditions.

  3. Economical Solution: The cost of the pad protection project is generally lower than concrete alternatives, making it a cost-effective solution for protective engineering, especially in poor soil conditions.

  4. Easy Installation and Maintenance: The pads are designed for easy installation, reducing the need for extensive labor or specialized equipment. Their maintenance is straightforward, and any damaged sections can be replaced easily.

Customization and Practicality

Understanding the diverse needs of erosion control and slope stabilization, BMP offers the Reinforced Mike Pad in various mesh sizes and steel wire thicknesses. The customization extends to the mesh's size and shape, with options for double or five-twist configurations.

Our Services and Commitment

At BMP, we are committed to providing not just products but solutions. Our pre-sale services include offering samples and a range of styles to choose from, ensuring that each client finds exactly what they need. Post-purchase, we continue our support with efficient shipping and comprehensive after-sale services.We believe in transparent communication with our clients. Whether it’s inquiries about customization, order status, or visiting our facilities, we are open to all questions. Our approach is rooted in honesty and providing professional service at competitive prices.

Conclusion Reinforced Mike Pad

BMP's Reinforced Mike Pad stands as a testament to innovative engineering, blending functionality with environmental consciousness. Suitable for a wide range of geotechnical applications, from road embankments to coastal protections, this pad offers a sustainable and economical solution to erosion and slope stabilization challenges. With BMP's Mike Pad, clients are assured of a product that is not only effective but also aligns with the global pursuit of environmental sustainability.

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