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SecureMax 358 Mesh Fencing: Unparalleled Security Solutions


Product Description:

SecureMax 358 Mesh Fencing, often known as the 358 fence or anti-climb fence, is the pinnacle of high-security fencing solutions. Designed to offer unparalleled defense against intrusions, its tight mesh pattern makes it virtually impossible to climb or cut through. Ideal for sensitive areas where security cannot be compromised, SecureMax 358 provides robust protection in a variety of settings.

Why SECUREMAX® 358 Fencing

SECUREMAX® 358 is a special kind of security fence that stands out for many reasons. It's made with fewer parts, making it easy to order what you need for a job without extra bits. The "H" section posts and angle rails make the fence easy to move, carry, and set up. This clever design means you can use SECUREMAX® 358 on both flat and sloping ground. The mesh sheets of SECUREMAX® 358 also have extra wires along the edges to make them stronger and more secure where they're attached. The fixings on the back are tamper-proof, making this fence a top choice for security.

Governments trust SECUREMAX® 358 because it's much tougher to break through than other high-security fences, offering much better protection. The design makes it impossible to climb or cut easily. With its success in Australia and Europe, this closed space mesh fence is becoming a favorite for security needs.

The wire in SECUREMAX® 358 and SECUREMAX® 358 HD is made especially for high-security uses. It's coated with a zinc-aluminium alloy for much better rust protection than regular galvanized coatings. This special wire is tougher to break through because of its strength. The mix of zinc for protection and aluminium for durability means this wire keeps rust away better and longer. This special coating follows Australian Standard 2423 – 2002, showing that a mix of zinc with a little aluminium can protect 2 to 4 times better than just a regular zinc coating.

1.SecureMax 358 Mesh Fencing Specifications

Panel Width2.20m, 2.50m, 2.90m
Panel Height2.10m, 2.40m, 2.50m, 2.80m, 3.00m
Mesh Size76.2x12.7mm, 75x12.5mm
Wire Thickness3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm
Rigid "V" BendsFrom 2 to 5 (matching height range from 2.10m to 3.00m)
Finish OptionsGalvanized, Polyester powder spray
Post Options60x60mm SHS steel, 80x60mm RHS steel, 80x60mm C type steel, 75mm Round section steel
Fittings for PostsRain hats, Clamps (Metal claw with screws, A flat bar with screws)
ApplicationsSports fields, Commercial sites, Factories, Warehouses, Hospitals, Military sites, Parking areas, Penitentiaries, Ports, Railway stations, Railways, Sports stadiums, Farm and garden fences
Packaging & ShippingSteel or Wooden Pallet, In bulk, 1x40HQ container load
ServicesFree samples, 24/7 contact availability


SecureMax 358 Mesh Fencing keeps places safe where security matters a lot. People use it around sports fields, commercial sites, factories, and warehouses to stop unwanted visitors. Hospitals, military sites, and parking areas also use this fencing for extra safety. Prisons, ports, and railway stations choose it to keep areas secure. Even farms and gardens can use it to protect their space. This fence works great for any spot that needs to keep things in or out.

2. Highlight Key Features SecureMax 358 Mesh Fencing

  • Impenetrable Mesh: With mesh sizes of 76.2x12.7mm or 75x12.5mm and wire thickness options from 3.0mm to 4.0mm, SecureMax 358 fencing is exceptionally secure.

  • Versatile Dimensions: Available in widths up to 2.90m and heights reaching 3.00m, customizable with 2 to 5 "V" bends for added rigidity.

  • Durable Finish: Options for galvanization or polyester powder spray ensure long-lasting resistance to corrosion.

3. Identify Target Audience:

This fencing system is perfect for use across Africa, the USA, and Australia, serving a wide range of high-security needs including military sites, airports, sports stadiums, and more.

4. Suggest Marketing SecureMax 358 Mesh Fencing

  • Ultimate Protection: Market the SecureMax 358 as the top choice for preventing unauthorized access.

  • Long-Term Investment: Emphasize its durability and low maintenance costs.

  • Versatile Security Solution: Highlight its suitability for various high-security applications.

5. Create a Call to Action:

Don't leave your security to chance. Upgrade to SecureMax 358 Mesh Fencing for peace of mind in safeguarding your premises. Contact us today to fortify your defenses.

6. Use Easy Words:

We make SecureMax 358 Mesh Fencing to keep your place safe. It's tough to climb or cut, perfect for places that need strong protection. Our fence comes in different sizes and finishes to last long and stand strong.

7. Applications, Benefits SecureMax 358 Mesh Fencing

SecureMax 358 is ideal for protecting everything from sports venues and commercial sites to military bases and penitentiaries. Its benefits include high security against breaches, visibility for surveillance, and resistance to environmental damage, making it a comprehensive security solution.


SecureMax 358 Mesh Fencing is the ultimate barrier against intrusion, combining high security with durability and visibility. Whether you're safeguarding a military installation, commercial site, or sports stadium, SecureMax 358 offers the dependable protection you need. Choose SecureMax for a secure, long-lasting perimeter defense.






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