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Serried Horizontal Wire Fence: Ultimate Solution and Guides


Product Description:

Meet our Serried Horizontal Wire Fence, your best choice for keeping high-risk areas safe. This strong fence comes with square and circular posts made from tough welded wire mesh. It has wires that are 3.0 to 4.0mm thick and a mesh size of 12.7*76.2mm for top-notch security. Every point where the wires join is very strong and flat, making sure the fence stands up well. We also treat the fence to fight off erosion and damage from the sun's rays. You'll find it easy to put up using screw flat bars, and we offer many sizes to fit what you need.

Specifications Serried Horizontal Wire Fence

Fence Height (mm)1220, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 3000
Fence Width (mm)2500 (For Heights 1220 to 2100), 2200 (For Heights 2400 to 3000)
Wire Diameter (mm)3.0 (For Heights 1220 to 1800), 4.0 (For Heights 2100 to 3000)
Mesh Size (mm)76.2 x 12.7
Square Post Section (mm)60x60x2.0 (For Heights 1220 to 1500), 75x75x2.0 (For Height 1800), 80x80x2.0 (For Heights 2100 to 2400), 100x100x3.0 (For Height 3000)
Circular Post (mm)Dia 60x2.0 (For Heights 1220 to 1500), 75x2.0 (For Height 1800), 89x2.0 (For Height 2100), 89x3.0 (For Heights 2400 to 3000)
Post Height (mm)1600, 1900, 2200, 2600, 3000, 3600
MaterialHigh-quality low carbon steel wire, international standard tube
FixingsSteel brackets or flat bar, Self-break bolts (Stainless or Hot Dipped Galvanized)
Surface TreatmentPre-hot dipped galvanized wire or tube fabricate, followed by AkzoNobel powder spraying
Corrosion ResistanceHot dipped galvanized after fabrication, Zn coating 500—60g/m²
UV ProtectionAnti-ultraviolet treatment for surface
LongevityMore than 15 years
Security FeaturesAnti-climb, Anti-cut, Optional barbed or razor wire for extra security
Application AreasPower stations, Community constructions, Jails, Airports, Military bases, Country borders, High-security zones

Key Features Serried Horizontal Wire Fence

  • Diverse Sizes: Width options from 2100 to 2600mm to fit different requirements.

  • Anti-Climb and Anti-Cut: Engineered for maximum security with tight horizontal and vertical wires.

  • Durable Coating: Double coated with hot-dipped galvanization followed by powder spraying for long-lasting corrosion and UV resistance.

  • Enhanced Security: Option to add barbed or razor wire for an extra layer of protection.

  • Easy Installation: Simple assembly with screw flat bars, designed for convenience.

Target Audience (Africa)

Our Serried Horizontal Wire Fence is tailored for African markets, especially catering to power stations, community constructions, jails, airports, military bases, country borders, and other areas requiring high-level security.

Marketing Angles

  1. Enhanced Protection: Emphasize the fence’s superior anti-climb and anti-cut features, making it the top choice for securing critical infrastructures.

  2. Durability: Highlight the long-lasting corrosion and UV resistance, ensuring customers of the fence’s longevity and value for money.

  3. Versatility: Showcase the various applications and the easy customization options to meet specific security needs.

  4. Easy Installation: Stress the convenience of installation, making it an attractive choice for projects with tight timelines.

Call to Action

Secure Your Perimeter Now! Protect your assets with our state-of-the-art Serried Horizontal Wire Fence. Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step towards unparalleled security.

Applications and Benefits Serried Horizontal Wire Fence

Ideal for power stations, airports, military bases, and borders, our fence ensures top-notch security against unauthorized access and vandalism. The benefits include:

  • High Security: Keep out intruders with a fence designed to resist cutting and climbing.

  • Longevity: Enjoy peace of mind with a fence that withstands harsh conditions for over 15 years.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Invest in a durable security solution that reduces the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Maintain the visual appeal of your premises with a sleek, modern fence design.


Our Serried Horizontal Wire Fence represents the pinnacle of security fencing solutions, combining unparalleled strength with ease of installation and maintenance. Specially designed for the African market, it offers a reliable, long-term investment for protecting high-risk areas. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing your premises are secured by the b





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