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Steel Bar Grating: A Versatile Solution for Industrial Platforms


Product Description:

At Top Fencing, we specialize in providing high-quality, durable, and versatile welded steel bar grating. This grating, made from low carbon steel, mild steel, or stainless steel, is perfect for industrial platforms, flooring, walkways, traffic management, and steel structures.


steel bar grating Applications:

  1. For Walkways: People walk on it safely, especially in industrial areas or parks.

  2. As Drain Covers: It lets water pass through while covering drains.

  3. On Stairs: It makes stairs less slippery and safer.

  4. For Platforms: Workers stand on it for a stable place to work, like in construction.

  5. In Fencing: It’s used for fences that let light and air through but keep areas secure.

  6. For Shelves in Warehouses: It holds heavy items because it's very strong.

  7. On Bridges: It's used for small bridges or footpaths to make them safe and last long.

steel bar grating Benefits:

  1. It's Very Strong: It can hold a lot of weight and lasts a long time.

  2. Low Upkeep: Once you install it, it hardly needs any maintenance.

  3. Safer to Walk On: Its design helps prevent slips and falls.

  4. Easy to Put in Place: It’s not heavy and simple to install, saving time and effort.

  5. Allows Water and Light Through: This is good for places that need good drainage and ventilation.

  6. Works in Many Places: You can use it almost anywhere, from outdoor areas to industrial sites.

  7. Cost-Efficient: It gives good value for the price, making it a smart choice for many projects.

Customizable Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Grating

Our steel bar grating can be custom-made to meet specific requirements. Featuring a hot-dipped galvanized finish or a painted surface, our steel grating serves as an efficient solution to prevent oxidation. The grating is available in several sizes, including 3'x20', 3'x24', 3'x30', 1000mm x 1000mm, 1000mm x 5800mm, and 1000mm x 6000mm.


 Bearing Bar Pitch (mm)Cross-Bar Pitch (mm)Specification of Bearing Bar (Width×Thickness, mm)

Application of Welded Steel Bar Grating

Welded steel bar grating is incredibly robust and provides strong, safe support for floors and elevated walkways. This versatile solution can be used for a multitude of applications, including ceilings, interior decorations, platform aisles, ventilation windows, advertising plaques, and other construction needs.

Benefits of Welded Steel Bar Grating

Welded steel bar grating offers several benefits, making it an ideal choice for numerous applications:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: With its simple lines and silver appearance, it aligns with modern aesthetic trends.

  • Excellent Drainage: It offers a leakage area of 83.3 percent, more than double that of cast iron products.

  • Anti-Theft Design: The joint hinge between the cover and the frame adds security and convenience.

  • Investment Savings: steel bar grating is less prone to loss due to heavy loads compared to cast iron products, reducing the risk of theft or damage.

  • High Strength: The strength and toughness surpass those of cast iron, making it ideal for use in large-span and heavy loading conditions, such as terminals and airports.


Technical Details

Our steel bar grating complies with international standards such as YT/T4001.1-2007 (China), ANSI/NAAMM (MBG531-93) (USA), BS4592-1:1995 (UK), AS1657-1992 (Australia), and JJS (Japan). The bearing bar pitch, cross-bar pitch, and the specification of the bearing bar (width×thickness) are available in various sizes, offering more options for different environments, loads, spans, sizes, and shapes.

Surface Treatment Options

We offer multiple surface treatment options for our steel bar grating, including:

  1. Hot dipped galvanized: This treatment is in accordance with GB/T13912-92 standard, ensuring an average zinc thickness of more than 610g/m² for flat bars of 5mm or more and 460g/m² for flat bars less than 5mm.

  2. Painting: We provide a painted surface based on client requirements.

  3. steel bar grating surface treatment: For customers who prefer untreated steel grating.


steel bar grating is commonly used in flooring, catwalks, mezzanines/decking, stair treads, ramps, docks, trench covers, drainage pit covers, and maintenance platforms. It's ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic like factories, workshops, motor rooms, trolley channels, heavy loading areas, boiler equipment and heavy equipment areas, office buildings, apartments, train stations, department stores, hospitals, and amusement parks.

Packing & Shipping Details

Our steel bar grating is packed in bundles and then fixed by steel belts onto metal pallets as per standard export packaging. We also accept customized packing requests from customers.

Discover the strength, versatility, and aesthetic appeal of Top Fencing's welded  grating today. With our high-quality products and customer-centric approach, we strive to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our grating solutions.





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