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Steel Bow Top Fencing: Elegant, Durable


Product Description:

Steel Bow Top Fencing, a blend of functionality and elegance, is an exemplary choice for securing and beautifying spaces. Crafted from high-grade galvanized steel, these fences are designed to offer both security and visual appeal.


Superior Quality and Specifications

Our Steel Bow Top Fencing is made from Q235 or Q235 galvanized steel, ensuring strength and durability. The panels come in various sizes, with popular dimensions being 1.5x1.8m, 1.8x2.4m, and 2.1x2.4m. The fencing features rails of sizes such as 40x40mm and 50x50mm, while pickets are available in sizes like 19x19mm and 25x25mm. Posts complement these dimensions, available in sizes like 60x60mm and 80x80mm.

Steel Bow Top Fencing Specifications:

Specification CategoryDetails
Product NameSteel Bow Top Tubular Zinc Steel Fence Privacy Loop Top Garden Fence Wrought Iron Fence
MaterialGalvanized Steel Q195 or Q235
Panel Size Options1.5x1.8m, 1.8x2.4m, 2.1x2.4m, 2.4x2.4m
Rail Size Options40x40mm, 30x30mm, 50x50mm
Picket Size Options19x19mm, 20x20mm, 25x25mm
Post Size Options60x60mm, 50x50mm, 70x70mm, 75x75mm, 80x80mm
Top Point StylesPress Top, Spear Top, Custom
Surface TreatmentHot Dipped Galvanized + Powder Coated
Post Center (m)2.75m
Popular Heights (m)1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m
Popular Rail Thickness (mm)1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm
Popular Picket Thickness (mm)Above 1.2mm
Surface CoatingPolyester Powder Coated, Customizable Colors

Design and Aesthetic Appeal Steel Bow Top Fencing

With options like Press Top, Spear Top, and custom designs, our fences are versatile in appearance. The surface treatment involves hot-dipped galvanization followed by powder coating, available in a range of RAL colors. This not only enhances the fence's resistance to weathering but also adds to its aesthetic value.

Bow Top Railing Specifications

Our Bow Top Railings come in various heights, with standard dimensions for each height. The railings are robust, built to withstand harsh conditions, and their design ensures they are difficult to climb over. The bow tops provide sufficient visibility, making them ideal for both security and ornamental purposes.

Features and Benefits Steel Bow Top Fencing

  1. Safety and Visibility: The design provides visibility while ensuring safety, with no sharp edges or points.

  2. Galvanization: The protective zinc coating prevents rusting over time.

  3. Powder Coated Finish: Increases resilience against vandalism and weathering, available in various colors.

  4. Non-Intimidating Design: Ideal for locations requiring low-level security without a forbidding appearance.

  5. Durability: Extremely resilient and ideal for permanent, long-term use.

Applications Steel Bow Top Fencing

Our Steel Bow Top Fencing is perfect for various settings:

  • Residential Areas: Enhances garden and yard security with an elegant touch.

  • Public Spaces: Ideal for parks, schools, and public buildings where safety and aesthetics are paramount.

  • Commercial Properties: Provides a secure boundary for businesses without compromising on appearance.

  • Industrial Sites: Ensures perimeter security while maintaining an open feel.

Installation and Maintenance

These railings are supplied as kits containing all necessary fixings and posts, with each bay measuring 2.75m in width. They are non-raking, making them suitable for flat surfaces or stepped installation on sloped grounds. The maintenance is minimal due to the high-quality galvanization and powder coating.

Conclusion Steel Bow Top Fencing

Steel Bow Top Fencing is a fusion of security, elegance, and durability. It's an excellent choice for those seeking a fencing solution that offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. With its robust construction, ease of installation, and minimal maintenance, it's a smart investment for a variety of applications.

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