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Steel Picket Security Fence: Elegant Design Imported


Product Description:

Steel Picket Security Fence: The Ideal Solution for Robust Perimeter Protection

the Steel Picket Security Fence stands out as a superior choice for those who seek both protection and elegance. Let's explore the diverse applications, benefits, production process, and packaging of these versatile fencing solutions.

Steel Picket Security Fence Specifications 

Specification CategorySpecification Detail
Product TypeSteel Picket Security Fence
MaterialPre-Galvanized Steel Tube
Surface TreatmentBlack Interpon Powder Coating, Anti-UV
Panel Sizes1800mm x 2400mm, 2100mm x 2400mm, 2400mm x 2400mm
Rails40mm x 40mm, Thickness: 1.20mm, 1.50mm, 1.80mm, 2.00mm
Uprights (Verticals)25mm x 25mm, Thickness: 1.0mm to 1.60mm
Picket Spacing110mm, 125mm, 135mm, 140mm
Post Options60mm x 60mm x 1.5mm, 80mm x 80mm x 2.0mm
Additional ItemsPost Caps, Brackets, Self-Drilling Screws
ApplicationsResidential, Commercial, Industrial, Public Facilities
Assembly MethodVertical Tube Welded to Rails or Face-to-Face
PackagingFence Panel in Air Bubble Film, Posts in Plastic Film
CustomizationOEM and ODM Services Available

Applications of Steel Picket Security Fence

  • Residential Properties: Enhance home security without compromising on aesthetic appeal.

  • Commercial and Industrial Sites: Ideal for businesses and factories requiring robust perimeter defense.

  • Educational Institutions: Perfect for schools and colleges to ensure student safety.

  • Public Spaces: Suitable for parks, gardens, and recreational areas, combining security with visual appeal.

  • Government Facilities: Provides high-level security for sensitive areas.

Benefits of Steel Picket Security Fences

  1. Enhanced Security: Strong construction deters intruders, providing peace of mind.

  2. Durability: Made from galvanized steel, these fences withstand harsh conditions and resist corrosion.

  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Elegant design enhances the property's appearance.

  4. Low Maintenance: Powder coating ensures a long-lasting finish that requires minimal upkeep.

  5. Customization: Available in various dimensions, styles, and colors to suit different needs.

  6. Environmentally Friendly: Steel is recyclable, making these fences an eco-conscious choice.

Production Process Steel Picket Security Fence

  1. Material Selection: We start with pre-galvanized steel tubes for maximum durability.

  2. Cutting and Assembly: Tubes are cut to size and assembled. Vertical tubes pass through rails and are welded for strength.

  3. Powder Coating: Fences receive a black Interpon powder coating for an elegant finish and UV resistance.

  4. Quality Checks: Each fence undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure superior strength and aesthetics.

Packing and Shipping Steel Picket Security Fence

  • Fence Panels: Wrapped securely in pallets, ensuring they remain damage-free during transit.

  • Accessories: Include post caps, brackets, and self-drilling screws, all packed with care.

  • Protective Packaging: Each panel and component is carefully packaged to prevent scratches and dents.

Quality Control Process

  1. Testing the Raw Materials:

    • First things first, we check the zinc and aluminum in our raw materials. It's really important to make sure they are just right. This step helps us ensure the metal we're using is top-notch and ready to be turned into a fence.

  2. Inspecting the Semi-Finished Products:

    • Next, we take a close look at our fence parts that aren't completely finished yet. We measure them to make sure they're the right size and check their quality. We want every piece to be perfect before we move on to the next step.

  3. Checking the Surface Adhesion on Finished Products:

    • Once the Steel Picket Security Fence is all put together, we do a special test on the surface, particularly on the posts. This test checks how well the coating sticks to the fence. A good coating means the fence will last longer and stay looking great.

  4. Final Step – Installing the Fence:

    • Lastly, we put the fence together like it would be at your home or business. This is like a final exam for the fence. We make sure everything fits perfectly and it stands up strong. It's our way of making sure you're getting a fence that's not only safe and sturdy but also looks good.


In conclusion, Steel Picket Security Fences offer an unbeatable combination of security, durability, and aesthetic appeal. They are a wise investment for anyone seeking a high-quality, low-maintenance fencing solution. Whether for a home, a business, or a public space, these fences provide not just a barrier, but a statement of sophistication and strength.

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