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Steel Spear Fence Solutions by BMP: Over 15 Years of Excellence


Product Description:

For over two decades, BMP has been at the forefront of crafting Steel Spear Fence and gates. Renowned for our exceptional quality, customer-centric service, and competitive pricing, our Steel Spear Fences are more than just barriers; they are a testament to our dedication and craftsmanship.

A Peek into the Product

Our Steel Spear Fence come in black colour and have a unique crimp top security feature. With dimensions of 2400mm in width and 2100mm in height, they sport a diamond shape crimp top. The top rail measures 40x40x1.5mm, and verticals are 25x25x1.2mm. The design includes 17 vertical pickets with diamond crimps on top and a gap of 110mm between the pickets. The fence posts are 60x60x2mm thick and have a length of 2.9m.

The Production Process Steel Spear Fence

Our fence panels undergo a meticulous six-step process:

  1. Cut Shot

  2. Welded

  3. Acid-Washing

  4. Rich-Zinc Powder Coating

  5. Polyester Color Powder Coating

  6. Packaging

This careful production ensures the durability and quality of our product.

Key Specifications Steel Spear Fence

Our fences have specific measurements, but we cater to customisation based on your request. Here's a rundown of our standard specifications:

  • Rail (mm): 40x40x1.6, 50x50x1.6

  • Picket (mm): 20x20x1.2, 25x25x1.2

  • Centre space (mm): 110mm or 125mm

  • Post (mm): 50x50x1.6, 60x60x2.0, 80x80x2.0


Our Steel Spear Fence is versatile, catering to a wide range of needs. From residential privacy to commercial security, and from decorative public spaces to robust industrial boundaries, these fences are designed to suit various environments. They're perfect for enhancing school security, creating elegant steel balustrades, providing reliable Colorbond fencing, and even customizing automatic gates.


  1. Durability and Strength: Our Steel Spear Fence is built to last, featuring a four-layer processing technique that guards against rust, cracking, and UV damage.

  2. Aesthetic Versatility: With options like pressed spear top, flat top, rod top, or loop top, our fences add a decorative touch to any setting.

  3. Eco-Friendly Installation: Our no-welding design not only makes assembly quick and easy but also reduces environmental impact.

  4. Customization: Shape, color, thickness – you name it, we customize it. Our fences are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Packing and Production Process

  • Pre-Treatment Processing: Includes alkali washing and weak acid surface adjusting, ensuring the metal base is primed for durability.

  • Phosphorization: This crucial step enhances the adhesion and corrosion resistance of our fences, setting us apart from others who skip this process.

  • Finish Options: Steel Spear Fence Choose from hot-dip galvanized, zinc, or AkzoNobel powder coated finishes.

  • Packing: Each panel is carefully wrapped, and the entire set is secured in standard export packing, ensuring its integrity during transport.

Customization and Specifications

Our product range is extensive, accommodating various specifications like rail, picket, center space, and post dimensions. With our German TUDE COMPUTER-CONTROLLED flow line protection equipment, we offer unparalleled OEM services.

Conclusion Steel Spear Fence 

At BMP, we don't just manufacture fences; we create lasting impressions. Our Steel Spear Fence is a blend of strength, beauty, and functionality, designed to meet your unique fencing needs. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a sterling reputation in the industry. Contact us to experience the Diamond Steel difference!

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