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Steel Tubular Fence Panels for Every Setting


Product Description:

Introducing Our Premium Range of Steel Tubular Fence Panels – a perfect amalgamation of robust security and elegant design. Our panels, specially crafted by LN FENCE, redefine fencing solutions, offering unmatched quality and style.

Steel tubular fence panels are commonly used to secure properties and provide a stylish boundary. Let's break down how these panels are made, step by step:

1. Material Selection: To start, quality steel is chosen, ensuring a yield strength of at least 310 MPa. This strong material ensures the durability of the fence panels.

2. Galvanizing Process: There are two main methods: hot-dip and galvanized after forming. In the hot-dip process, the steel is dipped in molten zinc, resulting in a zinc coating of at least 92 grams per square meter. Additionally, a thermo-setting coating containing zinc is applied inside the tubes, measuring at least 0.3 mils in thickness. The polymeric coating ensures that at least 95% of the surface is covered.

For galvanized before forming, the zinc coating varies:

  • For industrial use, it's ≥ 276 g/m2.

  • For commercial and residential use, it's ≥ 184 g/m2.

Depending on the application, coatings like polyester/epoxy, polyester combinations, polyolefin elastomer, or PVC are applied at specified thicknesses (≥ 0.3 mils for polyester/epoxy, ≥ 7 mils for polyolefin elastomer, and ≥ 10 mils for PVC).

3. Shaping the Panels: After galvanizing, the steel is formed into tubular shapes to create the fence panels.

4. Connection Type: The fence panels are designed for plug-in assembly, making installation quick and hassle-free.

5. Color Customization: Panels can be coated in various colors, such as green, gray, blue, yellow, white, black, or any color according to customer preferences.

6. Packaging: Finally, the fence panels are carefully packaged for delivery. They are placed on standard pallets, wrapped in thin film, and protected with bubble film on the inside. The exterior is covered with a woven bag, or packaging can be customized as per specific requirements.

Specifications Steel Tubular Fence Panels

Specification CategoryDetails
MaterialZinc Alloy Steel
Surface CoatingAkzo Nobel Powder Spraying
Available ColorsBlack, Iron-Red, Golden & Black, Optional
Shape OptionsLumber Round, Eliptic, Square
Thickness (mm)0.8, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0 (Others Available)
Height (mm)1200, 1500, 2000 (More Options Available)
Vertical Column Size (mm)16x16, 19x19, 25*25 (Others Available)
Horizontal Column Size (mm)32x32, 35x35, 40x40, 45x45 (Others Available)
Features4-Layer Anti-Rust, Antioxidant, UV-Proof
Quality Assurance20 Years of Durability Guaranteed
AssemblyEasy and Quick, Eco-Friendly, No Welding Design
Finish ProcessingPhosphate Treated Before Powder Coating

Versatile Applications: Adaptable and Efficient

Steel tubular fence panels are not just about enclosing a space; they are about adding value and functionality to it. Ideal for a myriad of settings, these panels serve numerous purposes:

  • Residential Boundaries: Perfect for homes, adding both security and a touch of elegance.

  • Commercial Premises: Ideal for businesses seeking a balance of aesthetic appeal and robust security.

  • Public Spaces: An excellent choice for parks, schools, and other public areas, offering durability and safety.

Unmatched Advantages: A Class Apart

  1. Easy Assembly: Designed for quick, hassle-free installation without the need for welding.

  2. Aesthetic Diversity: Available in a variety of colors including black, iron-red, and golden, these panels add a vibrant touch to any setting.

  3. Long-Lasting Durability: With a four-layer Akzo Nobel powder coating, our panels resist rust, cracking, and UV damage, maintaining less than a 5% color change over 15 years.

  4. Customization: Tailor-made solutions in shape, thickness, and design to meet unique requirements.

Premium Manufacturing Process: Quality at Its Core

  • Material Excellence: Made from zinc alloy steel, ensuring strength and longevity.

  • Advanced Coating: Steel Tubular Fence Panels A 4-layer process including Akzo Nobel powder spraying for superior rust and UV resistance.

  • Detailed Sizing: Thickness ranging from 0.8 to 2.0 mm, heights of 1200, 1500, 2000 mm, and various column sizes, all customizable.

Rigorous Pre-treatment Processing: Foundation of Durability

Our pre-treatment process is meticulous, involving alkali washing, weak acid surface adjusting, and phosphorization. This ensures the removal of impurities, preparing the metal for a durable powder coating.

FAQs and Customization Steel Tubular Fence Panels

  • Pricing Flexibility: Prices are negotiable based on order quantity.

  • Sample Availability: We provide samples for testing purposes.

  • OEM Services: We welcome all OEM orders, backed by advanced German TUDE technology.

  • Visits and Inquiries: We invite you to visit our facility near Tianjin airport and contact us for any queries.

Packaging and Protection: Secure and Reliable Steel Tubular Fence Panels

Steel Tubular Fence Panels are securely packaged, ensuring it reaches you in pristine condition, ready for installation. We take special care in packing to maintain the integrity of every panel.

Applications and Benefits: A Comprehensive Solution Steel Tubular Fence Panels

Steel Tubular Fence Panels are not just barriers; they are multi-functional installations ideal for:

  • Pool and School Fencing: Ensuring safety with a sleek design.

  • Boundary Fencing: Defining spaces with robustness and elegance.

  • Crowd Control: Managing pedestrian flow with ease.

Our tubular fencing solutions offer unlimited applications with options in steel or aluminium, providing flexibility and durability for every environment.

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