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Steel Tubular Fencing: Durable and Elegant Solution


Product Description:

Our Steel Tubular Fencing offers the ideal solution for those seeking a secure and aesthetically pleasing boundary. With over 20 years of manufacturing expertise, we provide top-quality fencing solutions recognized for their durability, style, and functionality.

surface treatment process for steel tubular fencing:

  1. Hot Dipped Galvanized: First, we dip the steel tubes into a hot zinc bath. This covers them with a layer of zinc. It's like a protective coat that helps prevent rust.

  2. Zinc Phosphate Coating: Next, we apply a zinc phosphate layer. This is another protective layer that sticks to the steel and helps the next coatings stay on better.

  3. Zinc Rich Epoxy Powder Coating: Then, we add a special powder coating made with zinc. This coating is really strong and helps protect against rust and scratches.

  4. Polyester Color Powder Coating: Finally, we add a colorful powder coating. This makes the fence look nice and also adds another layer of protection against weather and fading.


  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Elegant designs suitable for various settings.

  2. Durability: Steel Tubular Fencing Made from high-quality galvanized steel for long-term use.

  3. Low Maintenance: Easy to maintain with a powder-coated finish.

  4. Security: Designed to prevent unauthorized access and enhance safety.

  5. Versatility: Perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


  • Suitable for industrial and commercial sites.

  • Ideal for educational facilities and public areas.

  • Great for garden and home boundaries.

  • Used in parks, schools, and community areas.

Specifications Table:

MaterialGalvanized Steel Tube
Panel Sizes1800×2400mm, 2100×2400mm, 2300×2400mm (Customizable)
RailsStandard 40x40mm, available in 32x32mm, 40x40mm
PicketsAvailable in 16x16mm, 19mmx19mm, 25x25mm
Post Sizes60x60mm, 75x75mm
ThicknessRanges from 0.8mm to 2.0mm
FinishingPowder-coated (Minimum 80 microns)
Picket Top StyleSpear top, flat top, loop top, curved top
ColorStandard Black, available in white, grey, blue, others on request
FastenersAnti-tamper proof
Powder BrandINTERPON
Space between Pickets110mm or 125mm

how we make steel tubular fencing:

  1. Cutting: First, we cut the steel tubes to the right size for the fence.

  2. Punching Holes: Next, we make holes in the steel tubes. These holes are important for putting the fence together later.

  3. Acid Washing: Then, we clean the steel tubes with a special acid wash. This makes sure the surface is really clean and ready for the next steps.

  4. Applying Zinc Powder Coating: After cleaning, we put on a zinc powder coating. This is a special powder that sticks to the steel and helps protect it from rust.

  5. Adding Color with Polyester Powder Coating: Now, we add color to the fence with another powder coating. This makes the fence look nice and also adds extra protection.

  6. Assembling: Once the tubes are coated and dry, we put all the parts of the fence together.

  7. Packing: Finally, we pack the fence carefully so it's ready to be sent to where it needs to go.

Steel Tubular Fencing Packaging & Delivery:

  • Fences are packaged securely on pallets and wrapped in plastic film.

  • Quick delivery, typically within 7-15 days, depending on the order size.

Our Services:

  • We offer free samples (excluding shipping costs).

  • Customization available to meet specific design requirements.

  • Exceptional after-sales service, including installation guidance.

Invest in our Steel Tubular Fencing for a blend of security, durability, and style. Our fencing solutions are ideal for creating secure and attractive boundaries in various settings, from residential properties to public spaces.





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