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Tecco Mesh: Ultimate Solution for Slope Reinforcement


Product Description:

Tecco Mesh is a type of strong net. It's made of steel wires that are really tough – the kind that doesn't stretch or break easily. These wires are woven into a net that's used to cover slopes or hillsides to keep them from falling apart.





Technical Informations 

  1. How Much Weight It Can Hold: Tecco Mesh is super strong. It can handle a lot of weight before it breaks. Depending on the type, it can hold between 85 and 250 kilonewtons per meter.

  2. Shape and Size: The mesh looks like a net with diamond-shaped holes. These holes are about 83 millimeters by 143 millimeters in size. The diamond shape lets the mesh stretch a bit to catch rocks and dirt.

  3. How Thick the Wires Are: The wires in the mesh come in different thicknesses: 2 mm, 3 mm, or 4 mm. Thicker wires mean a stronger mesh.

  4. Type of Steel Used: The wires are made of high-tensile steel. This kind of steel is very tough and doesn't break easily.

  5. Protection from Rust: The wires have a special coating made of zinc and aluminum. This coating stops the mesh from getting rusty, so it lasts longer, even in wet weather.

  6. How Heavy It Is: The weight of the mesh depends on how thick the wires are. It can be from 1.15 kg to 3.3 kg per square meter. This is important for moving and setting up the mesh.

  7. Spike Plates: These are strong metal plates that help attach the mesh to the ground. They spread out the force when something heavy hits the mesh.

  8. How Much Weight It Can Take Without Breaking: The mesh is really good at holding up weight without getting holes in it. Depending on the type, it can take from 40 kilonewtons to 185 kilonewtons.

  9. Extra Strong Tensile Strength: The mesh has a tensile strength of 1770 N/m2. This means it's really good at protecting slopes and keeping people safe. Also, each wire can handle a breaking load of 12.5 kN.


Why Is Tecco Mesh So Strong?

The secret is in the steel. The mesh uses high-tensile steel wires that can hold a lot of weight without breaking. These wires are available in different thicknesses, so you can choose the strength you need. Plus, the mesh is treated with special coatings to protect it from rust, which makes it last a really long time.

The Knots Make a Difference:

Tecco Mesh is not just a plain net. It has a special way of knotting the wires together. This means the connections are super tight and won't come apart, even if something heavy hits them.

Checking It Twice:

At BMP, we make sure every piece of Tecco Mesh is strong and ready to use. We have quality checks where we test the mesh to make sure it can hold up the weight it's supposed to.

Tecco Mesh specifications 

Technical DataTECCO® G45/2TECCO® G65/3TECCO® G65/4
Tensile Strength Wire Meshmin. 85 kN/mmin. 150 kN/mmin. 250 kN/m
Number of Meshes Transversal16.1 pcs./m12 pcs./m12 pcs./m
Number of Meshes Longitudinal10.5 pcs./m7 pcs./m7.2 pcs./m
Wire Diameter2.0 mm3.0 mm4.0 mm
Steel QualityHigh-tensile steel wireHigh-tensile steel wireHigh-tensile steel wire
Tensile Strength of Steel Wire≥ 1770 N/mm2≥ 1770 N/mm2≥ 1770 N/mm2
Mesh ShapeDiamondDiamondDiamond
Mesh Unit Sizes62 x 95 mm83 x 143 mm83 x 138 mm
Mesh Width48 mm65 mm63 mm
Weight per m21.15 kg/m21.65 kg/m23.3 kg/m2
Corrosion ProtectionZn/Al coatingZn/Al coatingZn/Al coating
Coating Thickness≥ 115 g/m2≥ 150 g/m2≥ 150 g/m2
Bearing Resistance Spike PlateP25 / P33P33 / P66P33 / P66
Bearing Resistance of the Mesh against Puncturing (DR)40 / 55 kN90 / 120 kN140 / 185 kN
Bearing Resistance of the Mesh against Shearing-off at the Upslope Edge of the Spike Plate (PR)10 / 10 kN30 / 45 kN-
Bearing Resistance of the Mesh against Slope-parallel Tensile Stress (ZR)40 / 55 kN90 / 120 kN-

Tecco Mesh is made up of several parts that work together to keep slopes safe. Here's what each part does:

  1. Tecco Mesh: This is the main part. It's a big net made of steel wire that's super strong. It catches rocks and soil to stop them from falling.

  2. Spike Plates: These are tough metal plates that help hold the mesh to the ground. They spread out the weight when something heavy hits the mesh.

  3. Steel Anchors: These are long metal rods that go deep into the ground. They help keep the mesh tight and in place.

  4. Connection Clips: These are small metal pieces that connect pieces of mesh together. They make sure that the mesh doesn't come apart.

  5. Support Ropes: These ropes go along the edges of the mesh. They give extra strength and help hold the mesh to the hillside.

  6. Sewing Ropes: These ropes are used to tie the mesh together. They make sure there are no gaps for small rocks to slip through.

  7. Boundary Ropes: These ropes mark the edges of the mesh area. They help people see where the mesh is and keep it stretched out.


Stops Rocks and Dirt from Falling: Tecco Mesh is really strong. It catches rocks and dirt that might fall on roads, homes, or where people walk. It's like a net that keeps everything safe.

Helps Farms Stay Safe: Farmers can use Tecco Mesh to protect their land. It stops soil from washing away when it rains hard, which means their plants grow better.

Keeps Building Sites Safe: When people build new houses or big buildings, Tecco Mesh makes sure nothing falls on the workers or the machines.

Stops Landslides Near Water: If you're near a river or the sea, Tecco Mesh can help. It keeps the land from sliding away into the water.

Protects Nature Spots: In places like parks, Tecco Mesh can be used. It lets everyone enjoy nature without worrying about rocks or dirt sliding down.

Why BMP's Tecco Mesh Is Great:

  • It's Super Strong: Made with steel wire that can hold a lot of weight. So, even big rocks won't break through.

  • Lasts a Long Time: The mesh doesn't rust easy, so it will last through rain, snow, and sun.

  • Stays Together: The wires are tied in a special way so they don't come loose.

  • No Worries: Once it's up, you don't have to do much to keep it in good shape.

  • Fits Your Space: It comes in rolls of different sizes, so you can cover a small spot or a big area.

  • Easy to Put Up: You don't need special tools or lots of time to install it.

Tecco Mesh plays a big part in keeping people safe from rockfalls. Here's why it's so important in rockfall netting systems:

Stops Rocks from Falling: The main job of Tecco Mesh is to catch rocks that might fall down a slope. This helps keep roads, houses, and people safe from rockfalls.

Super Strong: The mesh is made of steel wires that are very tough. They can hold a lot of weight, so even big rocks won't break through the net.

Stretches a Bit: The diamond-shaped holes in the mesh let it stretch a little. This is good because it helps catch rocks more effectively.

Lasts a Long Time: The special coating on the wires stops them from getting rusty. This means the mesh can last for many years, even in rainy or snowy weather.

Holds Up Well: Tecco Mesh can take a lot of force without getting holes. This means it's really reliable for stopping rockfalls.

Easy to Set Up: Putting up Tecco Mesh isn't too hard. This makes it a popular choice for places that need protection from rockfalls.



To sum up, Tecco Mesh is a really strong and reliable way to keep slopes and hills safe. It's made of tough steel wire that can catch and hold back falling rocks and soil. This makes it perfect for places like roadsides, construction sites, and near rivers where landslides might happen.

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