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Product Description:

BMP offers an extensive selection of Temporary Chain Link Fence for Sale, known for their versatility and durability. These fences are perfect for a variety of settings, including construction sites, events, and public safety barriers.


Temporary Chain Link Fence for Sale Construction and Quality:

BMP's temporary chain link fences are crafted from high-quality, hot-dip galvanized steel. This material ensures the fences are strong and resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for long-term use. The mesh size of the fence is 2"x2", with a wire diameter of 11-12 gauge, ensuring a sturdy build. The framework is made from galvanized tubing of 1-3/8" diameter with a .065 wall thickness, adding to the durability of the fence.


Sizes and Styles:

Our fences come in various sizes:

  • 6'High x 8', 10', 12' Wide

  • 8'High x 8', 10', 12' Wide We also offer customization to meet specific needs.

Temporary Chain Link Fence for Sale three styles to choose from:

  1. Plus Bracing: These panels include both vertical and horizontal bracing, making them exceptionally durable.

  2. Vertical Bracing: Panels with an added vertical brace for increased strength.

  3. No Bracing: Simple panels without internal bracing.


  • Durability: The hot-dip galvanized steel ensures a long service life.

  • Flexibility: Easy to install and remove, making them perfect for temporary setups.

  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications, from safety barriers to event fencing.

Temporary Chain Link Fence for Sale Applications:

These fences are widely used for:

  • Road and railway fencing

  • Interior decoration and animal enclosures

  • Mechanical equipment protection

  • Stadium fencing and crowd control

  • Civil engineering projects like slope and seawall protection


Each fence comes with essential accessories:

  • Flat iron for support

  • Brace bands to link tensioners and posts

  • Tension bands and tensioners for securing the chain link mesh

  • Line wires for folding the mesh

Temporary Chain Link Fence for Sale Specifications for Removable Fence USA Standard:

  • Material: High-quality galvanized steel

  • Size: 1.8m(H) x 2.95(L)m, 2.4m(H) x 2.95m(L)

  • Outer Frame Size: OD 32mm

  • Inner Reinforce Tube: OD 25mm

  • Wire Diameter: 3.5mm

  • Mesh Size: 50x50mm

  • Surface Finish: Options of Hot-Dip Galvanized or Powder Coated



1. What are temporary chain link fences? Temporary chain link fences are movable fences made of steel wires woven in a diamond pattern. They are used for creating a temporary boundary or barrier.

2. What are the components of temporary chain link fence panels? These panels consist of the chain link mesh, metal frames, clamps for connecting panels, and bases or stands to keep them upright.

3. For what applications can you use temporary chain link fences? You can use them for construction sites, events, crowd control, safety barriers, and animal enclosures. They are great for any place that needs a temporary boundary.

4. What are the benefits of temporary chain link fences? They are easy to move and set up, offer good visibility, are sturdy, and provide a secure boundary. They are also reusable and adaptable to different spaces.

5. How to install a temporary chain link fence? To install, simply place the fence bases on the ground, insert the fence panels into the bases, and use clamps to connect the panels together. No digging or heavy tools are required.

6. Are temporary chain link fences durable? Yes, they are made from strong steel and often have a galvanized coating to protect against weather, making them very durable and suitable for outdoor use.

7. How to install a privacy screen on a temporary chain link fence? To add a privacy screen, you attach the screen material to the fence using ties or clips, ensuring it's spread evenly and securely fastened along the length of the fence.

BMP's temporary chain link fences are the go-to choice for efficient, reliable, and easy-to-handle fencing solutions. Whether it's for a construction site, a public event, or crowd control, these fences offer the perfect blend of security and flexibility.

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