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Temporary Chain Link Fencing: for Your Construction Needs


Product Description:

Temporary chain link fencing is a type of construction fence used to create a quick barrier. It's made up of three main parts: an outer frame, a steel block, and the chain link mesh. Made by BMP., this temporary fencing is designed for easy setup and removal. It's great because it doesn't damage the ground or change the environment around it. You won't need to dig any holes to install it. It's portable, easy to take down, and very practical for use in construction sites.


Specifications Temporary Chain Link Fencing

  • Tubing Sizes: You can choose from various tubing sizes like 1¼” (32mm), 1⅜” (35mm), and up to 1⅞” (48mm).

  • Tubing Thickness: The standard thickness is 16GA or 1.6mm. You can also get a custom size if you need it.

  • Chain Mesh Size: The holes in the mesh come in sizes like 2”x2” (50mm x 50mm) and up to 2½”x2½” (63mmx63mm).

  • Height Options: The fences are available in heights of 4ft (1220mm), 6ft (1820mm), and 8ft (2420mm).

  • Temporary Chain Link Fencing Width Range: You can pick a width that best suits your needs, with options including 12ft (3650mm), which is very popular, and others like 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, and 14ft.

  • Panel Sizes: There are several panel sizes available such as 6ft x 12ft, 8ft x 12ft, and 4ft x 12ft.

  • Wire Thickness: The wire comes in different thicknesses, ranging from 10ga/3.2mm to 13ga/2.3mm.

  • Base Options: You have a few choices for the base. One is 36” long x 30” wide x 8” high (914mm x 762mm x 203mm). There are also other sizes like 36” x 16” x 8” and 30” x 18” x 8”.

  • Standards: These fences meet the ASTM A392-06 standard.

  • Material: They are made from galvanized steel, which means the steel is coated with zinc to protect it from rust.

  • Finish: The fences have a zinc coating to resist corrosion.

  • Packing for Transport: Temporary Chain Link Fencing are shipped on metal pallets wrapped with plastic.

  • Zinc Coating Thickness: You can choose from various thicknesses for extra protection, like 14 microns (100gram/SQM) up to 84 microns (600 gram/SQM).




Temporary chain link fencing has some great features:

  1. Easy Installation: You can set it up quickly without having to dig holes or build foundations.

  2. Tough and Weather-Proof: It's made to last long, resisting all kinds of weather. Although it's light and easy to move, it's also really strong.

  3. Removable Feet: This makes it simple to move the fence around and store it.

  4. Fast Setup: You can put up four meters of this fence in just a minute. It's not heavy, so handling it is a breeze. You can even make a gate anywhere along the fence. It's a cost-effective choice because you can use it many times. It comes with a forklift delivery for easy moving. The fence is made from strong galvanized tubes and mesh.

About making the fence, here's what happens:

  • First, the wires are galvanized (coated with zinc to prevent rust).

  • Then, they cut the wire and pipes and weave the wire into a chain link mesh.

  • They cut the mesh corners and weld the pipes, then clean up any welding marks.

  • They paint the welds with anti-rust paint and a silver powder coat.

  • Finally, Temporary Chain Link Fencing stack everything up and pack it for shipping.

The whole process makes sure the fence panels are strong and look good.

BMP's Temporary Chain Link Fencing stands out for its functional design, adaptability, and easy installation. Whether it’s for a construction project, a public event, or any temporary enclosure need, this fencing solution offers reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for diverse temporary fencing requirements.




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