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Temporary Construction Chain Link Fence – Easy to Install


Product Description:

 BMP excels in manufacturing Temporary Construction Chain Link Fence. Both chain mesh and weld mesh options have been sold successfully in the United States market. American consumers often prefer chain link mesh for their construction fencing needs, with the 6ft x 12ft standard temporary chain link fence panels offering significant advantages:

  • Quick and Simple Installation: Our panels are designed to be set up and taken down with ease, not requiring specialized skills or tools.

  • Flexibility of Movement: These lightweight panels can be moved to various locations without hassle, adapting to your project's changing needs.

  • Minimal Repair Work: Should any damage occur, only the specific affected panel needs to be replaced, saving on maintenance costs.

  • Variety of Sizes: We offer both standard and customizable panel sizes, ensuring the right fit for every construction site.


Our temporary chain link fence panels have a broad range of applications

  • Securing Construction and Private Properties: They provide a barrier to keep work areas safe and secure.

  • Safeguarding Residential Housing and Schools: Perfect for creating boundaries to protect residents and students.

  • Public Events: From sports to concerts and festivals, our fences offer crowd control and define event perimeters.

  • Traffic Management: They're essential for directing pedestrian and vehicular traffic around construction zones or closed-off areas.


Temporary Construction Chain Link Fence Specifications:

  • Tubing Options: We provide a range of tubing diameters from 1¼” to 1⅞” to suit any requirement.

  • Chain Mesh Aperture: Our mesh comes in various sizes, including the standard 2”x2”.

  • Panel Dimensions: Panels are available in heights of 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft, with a width of 12ft being widely accepted in the market.

  • Base Options: Multiple base sizes are offered to ensure stability and ease of setup.

  • Quality Standards: All our products meet the ASTM A392-06 standards, reflecting our commitment to quality.

  • Galvanized Steel Construction: With a corrosion-resistant zinc coating, our fences stand up to various weather conditions.

  • Packaging and Shipping: We ship with care, using metal pallets wrapped in plastic, and offer various zinc thickness options for added durability.

Specification CategorySpecification Details
Panel MaterialSteel wire and galvanized pipes
Panel Tubing Sizes1¼” (32mm), 1⅜” (35mm), 1½” (38mm), 1⅗” (40mm), 1⅝” (42mm), 1⅞” (48mm)
Tubing Thickness16GA / 1.6mm as standard or customizable
Mesh Aperture2”x2” (50mm x 50mm) standard, with options available
Panel Height4ft (1220mm), 6ft (1820mm), 8ft (2420mm)
Panel Width12ft (3650mm) as widely accepted, with options like 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 14ft
Wire Diameter / Gauge10ga (3.2mm), 10.5ga (3.00mm), 11ga (2.90mm), and up to 13ga (2.3mm)
Temporary Construction Chain Link Fence Base Options- 36” L x 30” W x 8” H (914mm x 762mm x 203mm)

- 36” L x 16” W x 8” H (914mm x 406mm x 203mm)

- 30” L x 18” W x 8” H (762mm x 460mm x 203mm)
Standards ComplianceASTM A392-06 standards for chain link fences
Steel QualityGalvanized steel construction
FinishCorrosion-resistant zinc coating
Packing for TransportMetal pallets wrapped with plastic
Zinc Coating ThicknessOptions from 14 microns (100g/SQM) to 84 microns (600g/SQM)

Customer Service Commitment:

  • Timely Delivery: We guarantee shipment within 15 days post-deposit receipt, choosing only high-quality yet cost-effective shipping services.

  • Installation Guidance: Upon receipt, we provide installation instructions and continue to offer technical support.

  • Continuous Availability: We readily supply various product accessories to meet ongoing needs.

BMP’s Temporary Construction Chain Link Fence are the sturdy, reliable choice for managing and securing any temporary space. With our easy-to-install panels and comprehensive customer support, you gain not just a product but a full fencing solution. For more information, visit our website or contact our customer service team for personalized assistance.


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