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Product Description:

BMP's Temporary Fence Stands are an essential component for supporting chain link fences in various temporary settings. Known for their durability and adaptability, these stands are an ideal solution for creating stable and secure temporary fencing.


Product Overview:

BMP's fence stands are compatible with American Galvanized Used Temporary 6 x 10 Chain Link Fence Panels, known for their economical and durable nature. These stands come in various types and sizes, ensuring that they meet the specific requirements of different temporary fencing needs.

Types of Temporary Fence Stands:

  1. Square and Oval Feet:

    • Dimensions: Available in 36" × 13.75" × 20" (915 × 350 × 200 mm) and 30" × 18" × 20" (760 × 460 × 200 mm, optional).

    • Surface Treatment: Options include Hot Dipped Galvanized and Pre-Galvanized.

  2. Flat Feet:

    • Dimensions: Available in 23.6" × 4.3" × 0.3" (600 × 110 × 8 mm) and 35.4" × 3.0" × 0.25" (900 × 80 × 7 mm, optional).

    • Hole Size O.D.: 19 mm.

    • Interior Round Steel Rod/Pipe: 30 mm O.D. × 150 mm H.

    • Exterior Square Steel Rod/Pipe: 30 × 30 × 150 mm.

    • Rod Space: 30 mm.

    • Temporary Fence Stands Surface Treatment: Options include Hot Dipped Galvanized and Pre-Galvanized.


Benefits and Applications:

  • Versatility: Suitable for a range of applications, including construction sites, public events, and temporary crowd control.

  • Durability: Both hot-dipped and pre-galvanized options offer excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the stands withstand various weather conditions.

  • Ease of Installation: Designed for quick and easy setup, BMP's fence stands can be efficiently assembled and disassembled.

  • Stability: The design and material of these stands provide strong support to the temporary fence panels, ensuring safety and reliability.

  • Customization: Available in different sizes and surface treatments, these stands cater to diverse fencing needs.





FAQ for Temporary Fence Stands:

1. What are Temporary Fence Stands?

  • They are bases or feet that hold up temporary fences. You often see them at construction sites or events.

2. Why do I need them?

  • They keep your temporary fence stable and upright. This is important for safety and to make sure the fence does its job.

3. What types of stands are there?

  • There are square, oval, and flat types. They come in different sizes to fit various fence needs.

4. What materials are they made of?

  • They're usually made of steel and have a galvanized coating to stop rust.

5. Can I move these Temporary Fence Stands easily?

  • Yes, they're designed to be easy to move around. This makes setting up and taking down your fence quick and simple.

6. Do these stands work with all temporary fences?

  • They're made to fit most standard temporary fences, but it's always good to check the size and type before you buy.

7. How do I know which size to choose?

  • It depends on your fence's height and where you'll use it. Bigger, heavier fences need larger, sturdier stands.

8. Can these stands handle bad weather?

  • Yes, their galvanized coating makes them strong against rain and sun.

9. Are Temporary Fence Stands easy to set up?

  • Absolutely! You don't need special tools or lots of time to put them in place.

10. Where can I buy them? - You can find them at most stores that sell fencing supplies, or you can order them online.

BMP's Temporary Fence Stands, with their robust construction and flexible design, are perfect for those who need a reliable and easy-to-install fencing solution. Whether for construction projects, managing crowds at events, or creating temporary enclosures, these stands are a key component in ensuring your temporary fencing is stable and secure.

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