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Temporary Noise Fence: The Solution for Construction Noise


Product Description:

Are you dealing with noise complaints from local communities due to construction work? Are you worried about project delays and cost overruns if you don't meet your contractual deadlines? Well, we've got a perfect solution for you – our Temporary Noise Fence.

Our Temporary Noise Fence is a cost-effective and efficient solution to manage noise problems. It can reduce noise by up to 40dB, providing relief from the harsh construction sounds. Here's what makes up our temporary noise fence:

Base LayerStrong PVC Acoustic Membrane
Second LayerSound Insulation Felt made of EPDM
Third LayerAbsorbing Acoustic Wool made in Non-woven Cloth
Fourth LayerWaterproof Lining

We can even add more layers to suit your specific needs:

Extra Layer OptionsDetail
Option ANon-flammable layer for high-temperature environments
Option BNoise absorption and insulation with PP and PE materials
Option CStatic-free materials layer
Option DXPE layer

All the materials we use are waterproof and fireproof to a medium standard.

Base MaterialVinyl sound insulation felt + 1.5mm, 2mm, or 3mm sound absorption wool
Product NameSound Barrier
Front FinishWaterproof and UV Proof PVC
Back FinishFiberglass Fabric
Standard Size1-2m (width) x 2-3m (height) or Customized Size
Standard Thickness20mm, 25mm
Standard Pattern3 layer or 4 layer
Acoustic Principle15db/27db

Applications and Benefits:

Our Temporary Noise Fence is versatile. You can use it for:

  • Noise insulation and absorption for Railways and Metros

  • Noise reduction solutions for Highways, temporary or permanent

  • Public events like concerts

  • Construction and Building noise reduction

The benefits of our Temporary Noise Fence are plentiful. It's a cost-effective way to manage noise issues. Once you buy it, you can use it for 3-5 years, making it a long-lasting solution. It's also lightweight and easy to install, making it a practical choice for a variety of uses. The fence is waterproof and fireproof, ensuring it can safely be used in different environments.

So, don't let noise issues delay your projects. Invest in our Temporary Noise Fence – your solution to managing noise problems effectively and affordably.





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