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Tubular Aluminum Fencing: Ideal for Enhanced Security


Product Description:

When securing your property, choosing the right fence is crucial. Our Tubular Aluminum Fencing, popular in various settings, offers the perfect combination of strength and style. Here’s why it’s an excellent choice:

Aluminium Alloy T5 6063 T6 Fencing is a type of fence made from a special kind of aluminum. This aluminum is really strong and lasts a long time. The "T5" and "T6" in the name tell us about how the aluminum is treated to make it stronger.

Here's what happens:

  1. Making the Aluminum Stronger (Tempering): After the aluminum gets shaped into fencing parts, it goes through a process called tempering. This involves heating the aluminum and then cooling it down quickly. This process makes the aluminum much stronger than it was before.

  2. The Numbers '6063 T5' and '6063 T6': These numbers are like a recipe for the aluminum. "6063" is the type of aluminum used, and it's good for making things like fences because it's strong but also light. "T5" and "T6" are like cooking instructions. They tell how long and at what temperature to heat the aluminum to get the strength we want.

  3. Why It's Great for Fences: This kind of aluminum is perfect for Tubular Aluminum Fencing because it's light, which makes it easy to work with and install. It's also really resistant to rust, which means it's great for outdoor use where there's a lot of rain or moisture.

So, Aluminium Alloy T5 6063 T6 Fencing is a fancy name for a type of aluminum fence that's strong, lightweight, and doesn't rust easily. It's great for places where you need a sturdy fence that lasts a long time without needing a lot of care.

Tubular Aluminum Fencing Specifications

Specification CategoryDetails
Product NameTubular Aluminum Fence
MaterialHot Dipped Galvanized Steel Pipe; Optional Aluminium Alloy T5 6063 T6
FinishingPowder Coated (Interpon Brand, Black RAL 9001 or Other Colors)
Standard DimensionsHeights: 1800mm, 2100mm; Width: 2400mm, 2000mm
Vertical Tube Size25x25mm, Thickness: 1.00mm, 1.20mm
Horizontal Rail Size40x40mm, Thickness: 1.50mm
Picket Number per Panel17, 18, 19, or more
Tube Spacing125mm, 140mm Centre
Post Options65x65mm, Thickness: 2.0mm
CustomizationCustom Sizes and Designs Available Upon Request
ApplicationsSchools, Businesses, Railways, Car Parks, Residential, Gardens, Villas, Industrial Properties
FeaturesStrong, Durable, Low Maintenance, Eco-Friendly, Easy to Assemble
PackingPanels: Foam Wrapped, Plastic Bag; Posts: Metal Pallet; Accessories: Carton Box
Additional OptionsGarden Fence, Farm Fence, Residential Fence, Highway Fence, Railway Fence, etc.
Colour OptionsBlack, White, Grey, Green, Custom Colors Available

Why Tubular Aluminum Fencing?

  • Strong and Durable: Made from high-quality aluminum, this fencing withstands harsh weather and wear.

  • Versatile Design: With various color options like black, white, and grey, it suits any property style.

  • Low Maintenance: Unlike other materials, aluminum doesn’t rust, saving you time and effort on upkeep.

Where It’s Used

  • Homes and Villas: Enhance your home’s boundary with a Tubular Aluminum Fencing that’s both protective and pleasing to the eye.

  • Schools and Parks: Safeguard public areas without compromising on aesthetics.

  • Business Premises: Secure your commercial property with a reliable and stylish fence.

Key Benefits

  • Customizable: Whether you need a specific size or design, we tailor the fencing to meet your needs.

  • Easy Installation: Our fencing is designed for easy assembly, making setup a breeze.

  • Eco-Friendly: Aluminum fencing is a sustainable choice, perfect for eco-conscious property owners.

Tailored to Fit Your Space

Whether you’re in a bustling city or a quiet suburb, our Tubular Aluminum Fencing can be customized to fit your specific requirements. It’s the right choice for diverse locations and architectural styles.


Tubular Aluminum Fencing is not just about securing a perimeter; it’s about enhancing the overall look and feel of your property. It offers a perfect blend of functionality and elegance, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their fencing solution. Ready to secure your space with style? Our Tubular Aluminum Fencing is here for you.

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