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Tubular Fence Panels | Secure & Stylish Fencing Solutions


Product Description:

Tubular Fence Panels – The Ideal Security and Aesthetic Solution

When it comes to fencing, striking the right balance between security and looks is key. Tubular fence panels are perfect for this, especially for commercial areas where security is a top priority. Unlike ordinary domestic fences, these panels are designed to deter intruders effectively, thanks to their sturdy construction and aggressive spear tops that make climbing challenging.

Garrison Fencing & Gates: Your Reliable Mandurah Fencing Partner

If you're in Mandurah and looking for top-notch fencing solutions, Garrison Fencing & Gates is the name you can trust. With years of experience, they provide guidance on choosing the best fence for your needs. Keep these factors in mind before making a decision:

  1. Privacy: If you need to shield your area from outside view, opt for designs with slats or metal pickets. If privacy isn't a concern, conventional heavy-duty tubular fencing works well.

  2. Security: For commercial spaces, a taller fence means better security. Pay attention to the materials and design, like rail spacing, for enhanced safety.

  3. Appearance: While industrial sites might not need stylish fences, corporate spaces often do. Choose from elegant wrought iron styles or practical, good-looking powder-coated steel fences.

Specifications of Tubular Fence Panels

These fences are built for longevity. Here’s what makes them stand out:

  • Pickets: Made from 25 x 25 x 1.6 mm steel.

  • Rails: Constructed with 40 x 40 x 2.5 mm steel for durability.

  • Posts and Gates: Strong posts (65 x 65 x 3.0 mm) and double gate posts (100 x 100 x 4.0 mm) ensure stability.

  • Finishing: All components are pre-galvanised and powder-coated, offering a variety of color choices.

Let's get into the technical specifics of our garrison fencing panels:

Fence Height (mm)Fence Width (mm)Pale SizePale Thickness (mm)Qty: Pale (pcs)Cross Rails (mm)Post Height (mm)Square Post Section (mm)

Tubular Fence Panels Details

  • Standard Size: Panels are 2400mm wide and 2100 mm high, with 130 mm spacing between pickets.

  • Height Options: While the standard height is 2165 mm, custom sizes are available to suit different architectural needs.

  • Installation and Fixings: The fences come with a comprehensive DIY installation guide, making them easy to set up. They also feature anti-tamper tech screws for added security.

Applications and Benefits

Tubular fence panels are versatile, fitting for schools, commercial buildings, or residential boundaries. They're not just strong and secure; their low maintenance and aesthetic appeal make them a cost-effective, long-term solution for any fencing need.


Tubular fence panels from Garrison Fencing & Gates offer the perfect blend of security and style. Whether for commercial or domestic use, these fences promise durability, security, and visual appeal. For more information or a detailed quote, feel free to reach out to them directly.

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