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Tubular Garrison Fence Panels for Enhanced Security


Product Description:

Our Tubular Garrison Fence Panels are perfect for keeping your property safe. They are great for places like homes, schools, and businesses. Here's what makes them special:

Tubular Garrison Fence Panels: Strong and Stylish for Your Property

Our steel fence panels are a big hit in the US and Australian markets. They make your property look great and boost its value. These fences don’t rust or corrode, which means they stay looking good for a long time. They're strong, beautiful, and durable, and come in many different styles and designs to suit what you need.

Tubular Garrison Fence Panels Sizes and Specs:

  • The standard size in Australia is 2.4m wide by 2.1m high.

  • The top and bottom rails are 40x40x1.6mm, and the verticals are 25x25x1.2mm.

  • Each panel has 17 vertical pickets that are 25x25mm, ending in a spear top.

  • The gap between the pickets is 110mm.

  • The posts are either 60x60x2.0mm or 80x80x2.0mm.

Packing Tubular Garrison Fencing Panels: Simple and Secure

When we send out our Tubular Garrison Fencing Panels, we make sure they're packed really well. This keeps them safe and makes sure they get to you in perfect condition. Here's how we do it:


1. Fence Panels:

  • We wrap each fence panel in a plastic film. This keeps the panels clean and protects them from scratches.

  • Then, we put them in a wooden case or on a metal or wooden pallet. This makes sure they don't move around during shipping.

2. Fence Posts:

  • We put each fence post in a plastic bag. This stops them from getting wet or dirty.

  • We then place these posts on a metal or wooden pallet. Each post already has a rainhat on it. The rainhat is like a little cover that keeps the top of the post dry.

3. Fence Accessories:

  • All the small parts like clips and screws go into a plastic bag.

  • Then, we put these bags into a carton box. This keeps all the small parts together and easy to find.

Specifications Tubular Garrison Fence Panels

Specification CategoryDetails
Product NameGarrison Fence Panels
MaterialHot Dipped Galvanized Steel Pipe
Panel DimensionsHeight: 2.1m; Width: 2.4m
Rail Size40mm x 40mm, Wall Thickness: 1.5mm
Vertical Tube Size25mm x 25mm, Thickness: 1.2mm
Tube Spacing100mm
FinishZinc Phosphate, Zinc Epoxy Coated, Powder Coated (Interpon Brand)
Powder Coating ThicknessMinimum 80 Microns
Standard ColorBlack (Available in all RAL Colour Chart)
Welding TypeSilicon Bronze & Stainless Steel Full Welding
ApplicationsIndustrial & Commercial Sites, Schools, Parks, Boundary Fencing
Additional FeaturesHigh Security, Less Maintenance, Anti-Tamper Proof Fasteners

How We Make Tubular Garrison Fence Panels:

  1. Starting with Steel: We begin with sheets of strong steel. We cut them into strips and shape them into square tubes.

  2. Galvanizing for Strength: These Tubular Garrison Fence Panels tubes are dipped in a hot galvanize solution. This makes them tough and rust-resistant.

  3. Adding Extra Protection: Next, we add zinc phosphate and zinc epoxy. This helps the tubes fight off corrosion and damage from the sun.

  4. Finishing with Powder Coat: Finally, we spray the tubes with a polyester powder coat. This coat is baked on and is at least 80 microns thick. It's tough and lasts a long time.

The Design:

  • Spear Security Fencing: The Tubular Garrison Fence Panels have a pressed spear design, which looks neat and adds to the security.

  • Welding for Strength: We punch holes in the rails and insert the vertical pickets. Then, we weld them using high-quality methods. This makes the fence really strong.

  • Many Colors Available: While black is standard, you can choose from various colors to match your style.

Benefits of Our Fence:

  • Stays Strong for Years: Thanks to the galvanizing and powder coating, our fences last a long time without much care.

  • Looks Good: Tubular Garrison Fence Panels neat design and finish make our fences not just secure, but also nice to look at.

  • Flexible for Many Uses: You can use these fences around gardens, schools, factories, and more.


Our Tubular Garrison Fence Panels offer a mix of strong security and good looks. They are easy to set up and last for years with little need for care. Whether you need to protect a school, a garden, or a business, these fences are a great choice.

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