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Tubular Security Fencing Solutions China Factory price


Product Description:

In today's world, the importance of robust perimeter security cannot be overstated. BMP's Tubular Security Fencing emerges as the premier choice for safeguarding assets while maintaining a visually pleasing aesthetic. Crafted to perfection, our tubular fences are designed to meet the highest standards of security and durability.

BMP's Tubular Security Fencing Specifications 

Specification CategoryDetails
MaterialSteel tube, Galvanized steel tube
Surface TreatmentHot dipped galvanized, Powder coated
Color OptionsBlack, White, Grey, Blue, Custom colors available
Panel Lengths2400mm, 2375mm
Panel Heights914mm, 1524mm, 1800mm, 2100mm
Picket Sizes16x16mm, 19mmx19mm, 25x25mm
Rail Sizes32x32mm, 40x40mm
Thickness Options0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm
Post Sizes60x60mm, 75x75mm
FinishingPowder coated
Picket Top StyleSpear top, Flat top, Loop top, Curved top
CustomizationCustomer requests for dimensions and design can be accommodated; OEM available
ApplicationsResidential, villa, business, industry area, factories, workshops, public buildings, parks
Production ProcessCutting, Welding (full and point welding), Polishing, Powder coating
PackagingFence panels on pallets, Bulk in plastic bag and air bubble film, Clamps in cartons
Additional FeaturesCorrosion resistant, age resistant, sunshine proof, weatherproof

Applications of Tubular Security Fencing

BMP's fencing solutions are versatile and ideal for:

  • Residential Communities: Protecting homes and private properties from unauthorized entry.

  • Educational Institutions: Ensuring a safe environment for students and faculty.

  • Industrial and Commercial Sites: Guarding against intrusions with a fence that withstands industrial demands.

  • Public Buildings and Areas: Offering reliable security for parks, stadiums, and squares without compromising on design.

Benefits of BMP's Fencing

Choosing BMP's Tubular Security Fencing brings unparalleled advantages:

  • Robust Construction: Engineered from high-grade materials to resist forced entry and environmental factors.

  • Low Maintenance: Our galvanized and powder-coated fences require minimal upkeep, saving time and resources.

  • Customizable Design: With a range of colors and specifications, our fencing is tailored to enhance the appearance of your property.

  • Privacy and Protection: The design offers privacy for patrons while securing the premises from potential threats.

The BMP Tubular Security Fencing Production Process

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our meticulous production process:

  1. Precise Cutting: We begin by cutting steel tubes to required lengths with unmatched precision.

  2. Expert Welding: Utilizing full and point welding, we assemble the rails and pickets, ensuring solid construction.

  3. Polishing and Cleaning: Post-welding, we meticulously polish weld points and employ a steel sand wash to remove any residues.

  4. Advanced Powder Coating: Finally, we apply a durable powder coating, providing an extra layer of protection and a sleek finish.

Packing and Shipping Tubular Security Fencing

We take great care in packing and shipping:

  • Protective Packing: Each fence panel is placed on a pallet with carton board buffering to prevent damage.

  • Efficient Wrapping: For bulk orders, we use plastic bags and air bubble film to ensure safe transportation.

  • Accessory Packaging: Clamps and other small parts are carefully packed in cartons, ready for assembly upon delivery.


With BMP's Tubular Security Fencing, rest assured that you are choosing a product that combines strength, style, and sustainability. Our fences are not just barriers; they are the embodiment of modern security solutions. Whether you are securing a small villa or a large commercial complex, BMP provides a fence that stands strong against challenges while blending seamlessly with your architectural vision. Choose BMP — where security meets sophistication.

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