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Why 358 Security Mesh Fencing is the Ultimate Security Solution


Product Description:

When it comes to top-notch security, 358 security mesh fencing is a game-changer. This fencing system is not just any barrier; it's a fortress that keeps unwanted visitors out while maintaining a clear view for those inside. Let's dive into what makes 358 security  fencing a must-have for high-security areas.

Key Benefits of 358 Security Mesh Fencing

  • Impossible to Climb: The mesh is so fine that fingers can't find a hold, making it climb-resistant.

  • Cutting Tools Fail: Its dense grid stops cutting tools in their tracks, keeping the fence intact.

  • See Through: The design allows for excellent visibility, making it easier to spot any attempt to breach the perimeter.

  • Simple Setup: It's surprisingly straightforward to transport and set up, despite its strength.

Where It Stands Guard

The 358 security mesh fencing is perfect for places that need serious security, such as:

  • Prisons and military bases, where keeping people in or out is crucial.

  • Schools and residential areas, for a safe and secure boundary.

  • Industrial sites and municipal buildings, to protect against trespassers.

  • Transportation hubs like train stations, to prevent unauthorized access.

358 Security Mesh Fencing Specifications

Fence Height (m)Panel Size (Height x Width, mm)Post Size (mm)Post Height (mm)Fixings (Inters/Corners)
2.02007 x 251560x60x2.527007/14
2.42400 x 251560x60x2.531009/18
3.02400 x 251580x80x2.5380011/22
3.32997 x 251580x80x2.5420012/24
3.63302 x 2515100x60x3450013/26
3.63607 x 2515100x100x3450013/26
4.24204 x 2515100x100x4520015/30
4.54496 x 2515100x100x5550016/32
5.25207 x 2515120x120x5620018/36

Wrapping It Up

358 security mesh fencing is your go-to option for unparalleled security. Its unique blend of visibility, durability, and tamper resistance makes it an ideal solution for anyone looking to protect their premises effectively. Whether for a government facility, a private estate, or any critical infrastructure, 358 fencing provides a formidable barrier that stands the test of time.

In essence, choosing 358 fencing means opting for peace of mind, knowing your property is guarded by one of the most reliable security barriers available today.





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