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Wire Containers for Storage in Warehouse Management


Product Description:

Wire containers for storage are revolutionizing how warehouses manage inventory. With uniform specifications and fixed capacities, these containers offer a clear, sorted, and easily countable storage solution. Designed for high strength and substantial load capacity, wire mesh containers, also known as wire baskets or steel boxes, are available in various sizes to meet diverse customer needs. Their durability, ease of handling, and recyclability make them an essential tool for improving warehouse space utilization efficiently.

Wire containers for storage Applications and Benefits:

Wire containers for storage are versatile and can be used across various industries for storing different types of goods. From automotive parts to textiles and from food products to electronics, these containers adapt to the needs of any warehouse. Their open grid design allows for easy visibility and ventilation, ensuring that products are not only secure but also preserved in optimal conditions.



  • Efficiency: The clarity in inventory management significantly speeds up warehouse operations.

  • Durability: Constructed from high-quality, cold-rolled steel, these containers withstand the rigors of heavy use.

  • Aesthetics and Longevity: With a surface powder coating, they resist oxidation, enhancing their service life while maintaining an appealing look.

  • Space Optimization: Their design conforms to international standards, promoting effective space utilization when used with containers.

  • Eco-Friendly: The environmentally friendly surface treatment ensures that their use, turnover, and storage do not harm the environment.

  • Versatility: Capable of stacking in multiple levels, they support three-dimensional storage, maximizing vertical space.

  • Compatibility with Handling Equipment: They work well with forklifts, cranes, and other warehouse machinery, facilitating efficient operations.

Wire containers for storage Advantages:

  • Cost Savings: The long-lasting nature and low maintenance requirements offer significant cost benefits over alternatives like wooden packaging.

  • Customization: Available in different specifications, they can be tailored to meet specific storage and handling requirements.

  • Easy to Use: Their foldable structure allows for easy assembly and disassembly, reducing costs and saving space when not in use.

Packing of Each Item:

Each wire container is meticulously packed to ensure it reaches the customer in perfect condition. The focus on packaging detail reflects the quality and reliability of these storage solutions.

Specifications Table:

Table 1: Specifications for Model A Wire containers for storage

ModelWire DiameterGrid SizeNet WeightLoading CapacityOuter DimensionsInner Dimensions
A-16.0 mm50x50 mm28 kg700 kg800x600x640 mm750x570x500 mm
A-26.0 mm50x100 mm26 kg500 kg800x600x640 mm750x570x500 mm

Table 2: Specifications for Model B Wire Containers

ModelWire DiameterGrid SizeNet WeightLoading CapacityOuter DimensionsInner Dimensions
B-16.0 mm50x50 mm44 kg1200 kg1000x800x840 mm950x770x700 mm
B-26.0 mm50x100 mm39 kg800 kg1000x800x840 mm950x770x700 mm
B-36.0 mm100x100 mm33 kg600 kg1000x800x840 mm950x770x700 mm
B-46.4 mm50x50 mm50 kg1500 kg1000x800x840 mm950x770x700 mm
B-56.4 mm50x100 mm44 kg1000 kg1000x800x840 mm950x770x700 mm
B-65.0 mm50x50 mm37 kg600 kg1000x800x840 mm950x770x700 mm
B-75.0 mm50x100 mm31 kg400 kg1000x800x840 mm950x770x700 mm
B-85.0 mm100x100 mm28 kg300 kg1000x800x840 mm950x770x700 mm

Table 3: Specifications for Model C-E Wire containers for storage

ModelWire DiameterGrid SizeNet WeightLoading CapacityOuter DimensionsInner Dimensions
C-16.0 mm50x50 mm59 kg1500 kg1200x1000x890 mm1150x970x750 mm
C-26.0 mm50x100 mm52 kg1000 kg1200x1000x890 mm1150x970x750 mm
C-36.0 mm100x100 mm42 kg1000 kg1200x1000x890 mm1150x970x750 mm
C-46.4 mm50x50 mm67 kg2000 kg1200x1000x890 mm1150x970x750 mm
C-56.4 mm50x100 mm59 kg1200 kg1200x1000x890 mm1150x970x750 mm
C-65.0 mm50x50 mm46 kg1000 kg1200x1000x890 mm1150x970x750 mm
C-75.0 mm50x100 mm41 kg800 kg1200x1000x890 mm1150x970x750 mm
C-85.0 mm100x100 mm36 kg600 kg1200x1000x890 mm1150x970x750 mm
D-16.0 mm50x50 mm24 kg600 kg800x500x540 mm750x470x400 mm
D-26.0 mm50x100 mm23 kg400 kg800x500x540 mm750x470x400 mm
E-15.0 mm50x50 mm78 kg1800 kg1550x1120x990 mm1500x1090x850 mm
E-25.0 mm50x100 mm67 kg1500 kg1550x1120x990 mm1500x1090x850 mm

Conclusion Wire containers for storage:

Wire containers for storage stand out as a smart solution for modern warehouses. By offering a blend of strength, efficiency, and versatility, they not only streamline inventory management but also contribute to a more organized, safe, and productive warehouse environment. Whether it's for small components or bulky goods, these containers provide a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly storage option, making them a critical asset for businesses aiming to enhance their operational efficiency.





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