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Wire Dog Playpen by BMP: Perfect for Active Pets


Product Description:

Need a safe place for your dog or other pets to play? BMP's wire dog playpen is your answer. It's made from strong electro-coat iron wire, so it's safe for your pets. They can't chew through it, climb over it, or get hurt. It comes in black and other colors, fitting any home style.



Easy to Set Up:

This Wire Dog Playpen is a breeze to put together and take apart. Fold it up in seconds when you need to clear space or move it. It's only 2.5 inches thick when folded, so storing it is no problem.

Flexible Design:

You can set up the playpen in different shapes: an octagon, square, or rectangle. It's all about what works best in your space. The playpen comes with secure latches and ground anchors for safety and stability.

Great for All Pets:

Whether you've got a puppy, a kitten, or even a rabbit, they'll love this playpen. Wire Dog Playpen gives them a big area to play and explore while keeping them safe.

Long-Lasting and Stylish:

The playpen's electro-coat finish means it'll last for years. And its sleek, satin black look will always be in style.



Product NamePlaypen Dog Fence Pet Kennel Play Pen
MaterialElectro-Coat Iron Wire
SizesS: 61x61 cm (8 pcs), M: 76x61 cm (8 pcs), L: 91x61 cm (8 pcs)
ColorBlack (Customized Colors Available)
FunctionSafe and Portable Playpen/Exercise Pen for Pets
Minimum Order Qty100 pcs per design
Sample AvailabilityProvided within 7 days
PackagingPoly Bag and Corrugated Carton Box
HS Code7326209000
Features- Smooth Electro-Coat finish, safe for pets

- Easily set up and foldable for storage (2.5 inches thick)

- Expandable modular design for various configurations

- Secure double latch door access, includes ground anchors

- Suitable for a variety of pets both indoor and outdoor
FinishDurable, Satin Black Electro-Coat Finish
Production Capacity5000 pieces (chain link series), 3000 sets (welded wire series) per month
Market FocusAmerica, Canada, Australia, France, Sweden, Finland, etc.

Applications Wire Dog Playpen

  1. Home Use: Great for creating a safe space in your house where your pet can play without any supervision worries. It's perfect for times when you're busy with household chores or entertaining guests.

  2. Outdoor Play: If you have a garden or a backyard, the playpen provides a secure outdoor area for your dog to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while staying safe.

  3. Training Space: Ideal for training puppies or introducing new behaviors to your dog in a controlled environment.

  4. Traveling: Portable and easy to assemble, these playpens are excellent for trips. Whether you're visiting family, friends, or going camping, you can set up a familiar space for your dog anywhere.

  5. Pet Daycares and Shelters: For professionals in pet care, wire playpens offer an effective way to manage multiple pets in a safe and controlled environment.

  6. Sick or Injured Pets: If your pet is recovering from an injury or illness, a playpen can restrict their movement to prevent them from straining themselves.

  7. Breeding Purposes: Breeders can use these playpens to separate different litters of puppies or keep mothers and babies in a secure space.

  8. Multi-Pet Households: In homes with multiple pets, playpens can be used to introduce new pets to each other gradually and safely.

  9. Temporary Confinement: If you have guests who are not comfortable around dogs, or if there are hazards in the home (like during a party or home renovation), a playpen provides a temporary spot for your pet.

  10. Separation During Feeding: In multi-pet homes where feeding can become competitive, playpens can be used to feed pets separately and peacefully.


Why Choose BMP Wire Dog Playpen ?

BMP is known for quality pet products. This playpen is just one example of their great items that make life easier for pets and their owners.

In short, the BMP wire dog playpen is an affordable, durable, and flexible choice for keeping your pets safe and happy. Whether you're indoors or out, this playpen is a great way to let your pets play without worry.

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