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Wire Mesh Storage Containers for Your Business


Product Description:
Wire mesh storage containers, also known as foldable metal storage cage butterfly cage, storage cage, high-quality steel hardened by the cold-welded, high strength, load capacity, rugged, and convenient transportation, can re-use and reduce storage and packaging enterprise human consumption costs. These Wire Mesh Storage Containers Plant production workshop, warehouse and transportation turnover can also display supermarket sales and warehousing.

Wire mesh storage containers are very useful for a variety of tasks. Here are some of their main uses:

  1. Organizing Goods in Warehouses: They help keep items organized and easy to find in warehouses.

  2. Displaying Products in Retail: Stores use them to show products clearly to customers.

  3. Transporting Items: These containers are great for moving goods safely from one place to another.

  4. Protecting Fragile Items: They offer protection to items that might break easily.

  5. Cooling and Freezing Food: In food industries, they allow air to flow around products, which is perfect for cooling or freezing.

  6. Keeping Tools and Parts: Workshops and garages use them to store tools and small parts, keeping everything in order.

  7. Recycling Bins: They can serve as large recycling bins for sorting different types of recyclable materials.

  8. Agriculture and Farming: They are useful for storing feed, crops, or even animals in some cases.

Wire mesh storage containers come with many features and benefits that make them very useful:

  1. Clear Specifications and Fixed Volume: You can easily check how much you can fit because they have clear sizes and fixed volumes.

  2. Stackable and Easy to Move: You can stack them up to four levels high and move them easily with pallet trucks, forklifts, elevators, or cranes.

  3. User-Friendly and Durable: They are simple to use, fit for many tasks, and last a long time.

  4. Strong Construction: Solid steel bars and a "U" shaped channel made of galvanized steel at the bottom make them very strong.

  5. Versatile for Logistics: They are great for shipping, putting together or taking apart, and storing things because they work well with transport equipment.

  6. Protective for Materials: You can put cardboard in the container to keep items safe and undamaged during transport and storage, which saves money and boosts efficiency.

  7. Space-Saving Design: They are designed to fold up when not in use, saving space in warehouses and supermarkets.

  8. Heavy-Duty and Spacious: These containers are strong and can hold a lot of weight, making them perfect for storing large quantities


  • 1. Wire mesh storage containers made of high-quality steel materials and formed by cold hardened welding. It has considerable strength, good load capability and four folded layers.

  • 2. Folding structure makes loading, revolving and storing much more convenient. It can be accumulated to save space when it is not used.

  • 3. The surface is zinc plated, beautiful and durable.

  • 4. Complied international standards and can be used with containers. It's also the replacement of wooden cases.

A Series Wire Mesh Storage Containers

ModelSize (mm)Gridding (mm)Wire Diameter (mm)Piece Weight (kg)

B Series Wire Mesh Storage Containers

ModelSize (mm)Gridding (mm)Wire Diameter (mm)Piece Weight (kg)
B4.8 (small size)1000x800x84050x1004.827.6

C Series Wire Mesh Storage Containers

ModelSize (mm)Gridding (mm)Wire Diameter (mm)Piece Weight (kg)
C5.6 (middle size)1200x1000x89050x505.653.6
C5.6 (small size)1200x1000x89050x1005.646.6
C4.8 (small size)1200x1000x89050x1004.835.9
C5.2 (small size)1200x1000x89050x1005.240


Wire mesh storage containers are versatile, durable, and offer great visibility and air circulation for stored items. They are easy to use, move around, and can fit in various settings, from industrial warehouses to retail displays. These containers are also strong, making them perfect for holding heavy items securely. Moreover, their design allows for easy identification of contents without opening them, saving time and effort. In summary, wire mesh storage containers are a practical and efficient solution for organizing and storing a wide range of items.





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