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Wire Mesh for Slope Protection: What You Need to Know


Product Description:

Wire mesh for slope protection is mainly used to prevent rocks from falling onto roads, railways and other structures. Besides, it can prevent various slope geological disasters, such as snow slides, slope erosion and flying rocks. Slope protection rope mesh comprises two layers of mesh: the inner is gabion mesh or chain link mesh, and the outer is stainless steel knotted rope mesh or stainless steel ferrule rope mesh. It is unrolled or draped over the slope and fixed with anchor bolts. In this situation, rocks will fall to the foot of the slope behind the slope protection rope mesh instead of falling onto the roads. So it can guarantee the safety of passengers.

wire mesh for slope protection

Opening(mm)Wire diameter(metal wire)(mm)Wire diameter(PVC coated)/inner/outside*(mm)strands


Original slope geometry is maintained.
Re-vegetation is possible.
Prevents water pressure buildup.
Aesthetically more acceptable than other conventional measures.


Wire mesh for slope protection has many uses. It helps prevent soil erosion on hillsides and embankments, keeping the ground from washing away during heavy rains. You can use it to support plant growth, which adds another layer of protection as the roots help hold the soil together. It's also great for reinforcing riverbanks to stop them from eroding and for stabilizing roadside slopes to ensure the safety of drivers and prevent landslides. Additionally, wire mesh is used in landscaping to create secure, green areas on slopes that might otherwise be too steep to plant. It's an effective solution for construction sites too, protecting bare slopes from erosion until permanent structures can be built.

Cross clamps combine stainless steel ropes to form solid and firm slope protection rope mesh.The slope protection rope mesh can make the rocks fall to the foot of the slope.Slope protection rope mesh can prevent the rocks from falling onto the railway. Thus, it ensures the safety of trains.

Advantages of wire mesh for slope protection :

  • Simple installation and easy to spread.

  • High flexibility. The slope protection rope mesh size can be customised according to the slope.

  • Soft but high protective strength.

  • Adapt to any sloping terrain.

  • Resistant to rust and long work life.

  • Easy to repair and maintenance-free.

Slope protection rope mesh is installed at the foot of the slope to prevent rocks from falling onto the road.Slope protection rope mesh is installed vertically on the slope to collect rocks. It can prevent rocks from falling onto the expressway consequently. make trains go forward safely. easy to spread, making it simple to install.


Wire mesh for slope protection works great for keeping slopes stable and safe. It stops soil from sliding down and helps plants grow, making the slope stronger over time. This mesh is easy to put on slopes and fits well on different shapes and sizes. It protects against erosion from rain and wind, keeping the ground in place. Using wire mesh means you can worry less about landslides and erosion, making slopes safer for everyone. It's a smart choice for anyone looking to protect and strengthen their slopes.





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