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chain link fencing panels for reliable, easy-to-install fencing


Product Description:

BMP's chain link fencing panels are ideal for a variety of needs. These panels are strong, reliable, and versatile. They stand 6 feet tall and extend 10 feet wide, equipped with a robust 33mm frame and barb wire for extra security.

specifications of BMP's Chain Link Fencing Panels:

Panel Height6 feet
Panel Width10 feet
Frame Outer Diameter33mm
Barb WireIncluded
Surface TreatmentHot dipped galvanized
Galvanization StandardAustralian standard – 42 microns
Rust Resistance Guarantee15 years
Color OptionsMultiple (Customizable)
Design StyleUnique
Installation EaseEasy
Environmental FriendlinessYes
Frame Pipe OptionsVarious (e.g., OD 1.65'' x 0.078'', OD 1.26'' x 0.078'', etc.)
Up-Right Pipe OptionsVarious (e.g., OD 1.65'' x 0.078'', OD 1.18'' x 0.078'', etc.)
Chain Link Mesh Size3'' * 3'' *11.5Ga or Customized
Recommended Post Height7.5' and 9.5' pre-Galvanized post
Base Support Dimensions35.5''*16''

Benefits of BMP Chain Link Fencing Panels:

  1. Lasts Long: With a 15-year rust-resistance guarantee, they're a durable choice.

  2. Color Variety: Choose from many colors to match your style or needs.

  3. Unique Style: Their design is both practical and visually appealing.

  4. Simple to Set Up: You can install them quickly and easily.

  5. Eco-Friendly: Made with the environment in mind.

  6. Robust Coating: Hot-dipped galvanized post-weld, pre-galvanized, then powder-coated for extra strength.


  • Secure Areas: Ideal for keeping places safe.

  • Manage Crowds: Great for handling large groups at events.

  • Construction Safety: Keeps construction sites secure.

  • Outdoor Events: Perfect for fairs, shows, and markets.

Product Details:

  • Custom Sizes: Available in various dimensions like 6'x8', 6'x10', and more.

  • Quality Materials: Made with different thicknesses for diverse needs.

  • Supporting Posts: We recommend specific post sizes for best support.

How BMP Makes Chain Link Fencing Panels

  • 1. Choosing Materials: First, we pick high-quality steel. This steel is tough and lasts a long time, making it perfect for fence panels.

  • 2. Cutting Steel to Size: We cut the steel into the right lengths for the frame and the up-right pipes. This is like measuring and cutting wood for a building project.

  • 3. Forming the Chain Link Mesh: The chain link mesh is made by weaving steel wires. It's similar to knitting, but with metal. This mesh is what makes the fence look like a net.

  • 4. Welding the Frame: Next, we weld, or strongly join, the steel pieces to form the panel's frame. This frame holds the chain link mesh.

  • 5. Attaching the Mesh: We then attach the mesh to the frame. This is a careful process to make sure the mesh is tight and secure.

  • 6. Galvanizing: After the panel is assembled, we dip it in hot zinc. This process, called galvanizing, covers the steel with a protective layer. It helps the fence resist rust and last longer.

  • 7. Adding Color: If the fence needs a specific color, we then coat it. This is not just for looks, but also adds another layer of protection.

  • 8. Quality Check: Finally, we check each panel to make sure it's strong and well-made. We look at every part of the panel to ensure it meets our high standards.

  • 9. Ready for Use: Once they pass the check, the panels are ready. They can be used for different things like securing a construction site, managing crowds, or even around a house.

BMP takes care in every step of making chain link fencing panels. This ensures that when you get a panel, it's of the best quality and ready for whatever you need it for.


BMP's chain link fencing panels are user-friendly. They can stand alone with a foot piece, perfect for quick setups. You can also join them together for larger areas. These panels combine functionality and cost-effectiveness, making them a top choice for many projects.


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