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Product Description:

chain link temporary fence It is also known as Temporary fencing, temporary fence panels, portable fence, Temp fence, temp fencing, and mobile fence. It consists of a chain-link panel, a round tube frame, plastic feet, stays, and clamps. This fence has a superior structure, globality, mobility, and excellent environmental suitability.

Chain Link Temporary Fence Specification:

Specification TypeDetails
MaterialLow carbon steel wire, Q195; Carbon steel pipe, Q235
Wire Diameter2.7mm
Mesh Opening58x58mm, 60mm x 60mm, 50mm x 50mm
Frame Pipe Diameter32mm O.D., 33.4mm O.D.
Pipe Thickness2.0mm - 3.0mm
Panel Size (Height x Length)6 ft x 10 ft, 6 ft x 12 ft
Surface FinishHot dipped galvanizing (chain link temporary fence)
Wire Zinc CoatingAbout 200g/m² (28 microns)
Pipe Zinc CoatingAbout 300g/m² (42 microns)
Fence BaseHot dipped galvanizing, sizes matched to pipe diameter
Fence Base TypeBlow-molded plastic concrete feet
Fence Base Size762mm x 460mm
PackagingOn steel pallet

Features chain temporary link fence

  • It can quickly and easily be installed without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.

  • Weather resistant and durable and will last much longer; The temporary fences are light and easy to handle while being robust at the same time;

  • The feet are removable, which makes transportation and storage much easier and more efficient

  •  Easy to Erect - four meters a minute

  • chain link temporary fence Constructed from the heavy-gauge galvanized tube and welded mesh infill

  • Economical temp fence - can be used time after time

  • Delivered accompanied by forklift for easy distribution

  • Create a gate at any point on the perimeter

  • chain link temporary fence is Light and easy to handle

Fence Stands Types

chain link temporary fence 0

Productive process Chain Link Temporary Fence

Pre-hot dip galvanized wire drawing--- cut wire and pipes ---wire weave---cut the corners of the mesh---Pre hot dip galvanized pipes welded—polish the welds—paint anti-rust epoxy—spray silver powder coat on each weld—stacking—the packaging

First: Chain link fence weaving:


Second: Weld the frame pipe:


Third: Tie the wire to the frame pipe:


Finally: Steel base feet powder coating :


Applications of Chain Link Temporary Fence

  1. Construction Sites: One of the most common uses of chain link temporary fences is on construction sites. They provide a secure barrier around the site, keeping both the public and construction workers safe from potential hazards.

  2. Events and Festivals: During public events like concerts, festivals, and sports events, organizers use these fences to manage crowds and define specific areas like VIP sections, parking, and entry/exit points.

  3. Industrial Areas: In industrial settings, these fences can cordon off hazardous areas or machinery, ensuring the safety of workers and visitors.

  4. Home Renovations: Homeowners often use chain link temporary fences when renovating their homes. These fences keep the work area contained and secure, protecting both the property and passersby.

  5. Emergency Situations: In emergencies like natural disasters, chain link fences quickly create secure zones, helping in crowd control and demarcating safe areas.

  6. Agricultural Uses: Farmers use these fences to create temporary pens for livestock or to protect crops from animals.

Benefits of Chain Link Temporary Fence

  1. Easy to Install and Remove: These fences are lightweight and designed for quick setup and removal, making them perfect for temporary needs.

  2. Durable and Strong: Made from high-quality materials, chain link fences withstand harsh weather and rough handling, making them a reliable choice for any temporary fencing need.

  3. Cost-Effective: Compared to permanent fencing, these temporary solutions are more affordable and offer excellent value for money, especially for short-term use.

  4. Versatile: Their design suits a wide range of applications, from security to crowd control, making them a versatile option for many situations.

  5. Visibility: These fences offer good visibility, which is essential for security purposes and for spectators at events.

  6. Safe and Secure: They provide a secure barrier, which helps in preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas.


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